MRC-TV: Brent Bozell on Hannity's 'Media Mash;' Discusses Coverage of Oil Spill, Kagan Hearings, and Obama Agenda

July 2nd, 2010 10:28 AM
Appearing on FNC's "Hannity" on Thursday, Media Research Center President and NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell discussed the media's left-wing slant on the latest issues during the weekly "Media Mash" segment.

The first topic was NBC's Matt Lauer fretting that Americans would not learn the "proper message" from the oil spill and curb their "appetite for oil." Mr. Bozell pointed out that the media had learned nothing from the ClimateGate scandal and noted their determination to bring an end to offshore oil drilling.

Another topic of discussion was the media's fawning coverage of Elena Kagan, particularly by ABC's Claire Shipman, who spoke of the Supreme Court nominee's "personal charm" Bozell observed that he had never seen such a one-sided profile of someone in his life.

The segment wrapped up with a look at NBC's Chris Matthews and a panel of liberal pundits all describing President Obama's left-wing policies as a "positive" in the November elections. Host Sean Hannity remarked "How about negative?" Bozell joked that the liberal panelists might be working for the RNC because of their encouragement for Obama to continue down such an unpopular road.  

For the full segment, watch the video above or listen to the audio here.