Chicago Tribune: ‘Hard-right Bloc Sticks to Its Guns’

October 8th, 2013 4:42 PM

In case you haven’t noticed, the government shutdown is all the GOP’s fault.  Today’s Chicago Tribune wanted to make sure readers knew that with a front-page headline titled “Hard-right bloc sticks to its guns: Shutdown stalemate continues as lawmakers in safe seats hold sway.” The article reports that some House Republicans “have chosen to defy Washington’s traditional norms of conversation and compromise.”  You know, those norms that have served America so well as we headed to a $17 trillion debt.

Viewers who watched last evening’s ABC World News with Diane Sawyer were told of a new ABC News/Washington Post poll “showing 70% of Americans disapprove of how Republicans in Congress are handling the negotiations.”  What they weren’t told is the same poll found 61% disapprove of how Democrats are handling the breakdown while another majority, 51%, disapproves of Obama’s approach.

Heaven knows what the results would be if the mainstream media were covering the budget events with a modicum of balance.  The truth of the matter has, I think, been accurately capsulized by Patrick J. Buchanan:

Three times in a fortnight, the House has voted to fund every department, agency, and program of the government — except Obamacare. Who, then, is truly shutting down the government?

The answer is pretty obvious.  But outlets like the Chicago Tribune and ABC refuse to be distracted by the facts as they struggle to protect what they hope is the Obama legacy.  They have too much invested in him to do otherwise.