MSNBC's Symone Sanders Warns: If Trump Wins, Women Will Dress Like Handmaids

March 17th, 2024 5:27 PM

Symone Taylor-Townsend, Alicia Menendez, Michael Steele, David Corn MSNBC The Weekend 3/17/24 Say what you might about Donald Trump, but one thing he is not is a Puritan. This is the man whose romantic escapades filled the pages of New York tabloids for decades. For gosh sakes, Trump's the former owner of the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants, where contestants paraded in swimsuits!

So Symone Sanders-Townsend's attempt to scare voters by claiming that if Trump is elected, America will be turned into a dystopian world in which women are forced to wear long, loose dresses, and cover their hair with hoods, was ludicrous.

On Sunday's edition of The Weekend, the MSNBC show she co-anchors, Sanders was responding to Michael Steele, who quoted his wife as saying she longs for the day when she doesn't have to think about, talk about, or see Trump in the news.

Sanders argued it was necessary to talk about Trump since he's running for president:

"And if people are not paying attention, and we do not tell people what he's saying . . . he will get re-elected, and then y'all are going to be surprised when, again, the ladies are walking around in red dresses with those little white hoods, like The Handmaid's Tale."

Note: What is it with MSNBC anchors and their fascination with The Handmaid's Tale? Back before MSNBC fired her, Tiffany Cross said on her Cross Connection show that Justice Amy Coney Barrett is "an actual, real, live 'Handmaid' on the Supreme Court."

Not only was Cross's comment insulting, it was utterly wrong. Coney Barrett a mind-numbed Stepford Wife? Coney Barrett graduated from her undergraduate college magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa. She graduated from Notre Dame law school ranked first in her class and summa cum laude. She became a professor at Notre Dame Law, where she received the "Distinguished Professor of the Year" award three times. She went on to a distinguished judicial career, culminating in being confirmed as a Justice of the Supreme Court.

If Coney Barrett were a liberal, she would be a Ginsburgian hero to the left, as the very epitome of a strong, accomplished woman! But she's a conservative Catholic, so "Stepford Wife."

Note: Sanders has been on quite the roll of absurd comments. Yesterday, we caught her describing the investigation into Fani Willis as being "a little sexist and a little racist." Even staunch Trump antagonists like Donna Brazile have acknowledged that Willis's romantic relationship with a member of her prosecution team was a serious lapse of judgment.