Scarborough Calls Baby Before Birth 'The Being' That Is Not 'Actually Alive'

May 25th, 2022 5:25 PM

Excoriating Republicans on today's Morning Joe in connection with the Uvalde school shooting, Joe Scarborough broke out one of the most shopworn of liberal cliches: that Republicans believe that "life begins at conception, and ends at childbirth."

Scarborough went on to list a string of liberal programs or issues that Republicans don't support. So in Scarborough's mind, unless you're a fan of big-government healthcare and more gun control, you're not pro-life.

In the course of his rant, Scarborough twisted himself into semantic knots to avoid recognizing that before birth, a baby is just that: a baby. Instead, Scarborough referred to the baby in the womb as merely "the being."

"The being," Joe? Say it, Scarborough: "the being" is a baby.

Scarborough even seemed to deny that the baby is "alive" before childbirth. He said that Republicans aren't interested in protecting life after the child is "actually alive.

So before birth, a baby is not "actually alive," Joe?

How low must Scarborough sink, how cravenly must he grovel— abandoning his erstwhile conservatism— to satisfy his MSM masters, and to gain acceptance in his liberal social circle? Pathetic.

On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough referring to a baby before birth as "the being," and suggesting that before birth, babies are not "actually alive," was sponsored in part by GlaxoSmithKline, make of Nucala, Facebook, and Servpro.

Here's the transcript, click "expand" to read:

MSNBC's Morning Joe
7:12 am EDT


JOE SCARBOROUGH: The refusal to pass legislation, that 90 percent of Americans support, universal background checks. The refusal to at least make it more difficult for 18-year-olds to walk into a store and buy weapons of war? That refusal comes from the same party that's been reminding us over the past several weeks that they are the party of life. And if you don't agree with the reversal of a 50-year constitutional right, that 70 percent of Americans don't want overturned, then you are a baby killer. 

It's fascinating. Their definition -- their definition of pro-life. Their definition of pro-life, and yet, they go against Catholic teaching when it's time to execute people, some of them innocent. 

They go -- they, they, they certainly go against what's reasonable and rational to protect our children while they are studying in elementary schools. To protect parishioners when they are praying to Jesus in church pews. To protect the faithful when they're in synagogues praying to God. To protect country music fans, when they are listening to music at a country music festival. The party of life -- what a joke! Not even close! Not even close. Not even close. And baby killers -- please, you can retire that word. You can retire it right now, because this is another example of a lot of Republicans believing that life begins at conception and ends at childbirth. 

Ends when the being actually starts breathing, Mike. And then, the hell with them. Theo hell with prenatal care. The hell with taking care of the moms after they're born. The hell with taking care of the health care. The hell to protecting them in schools. The hell to protect life, after the child is actually alive. 

This is just the latest example. The party of pro-life? How grotesque and perverse that any Republican would ever even say that.