Crime: CNN Buys Into Liberal Pols' Focus on Guns, Not Criminals

January 25th, 2022 12:01 PM

Liberals like to mock people offering "thoughts and prayers" in response to deadly shootings. But liberals themselves invariably trot out a largely useless approach to such tragedies. They focus on guns, not the criminals who use them.

And just like the politicians, the liberal media also embraces this false focus. CNN Monday morning aired a segment on the killing of two law enforcement officers over the weekend. Focusing on the killing in NYC, CNN reporter Shimon Prokupecz repeatedly said that the officer's death highlights the need for "change," adding that the shooting "is drawing attention to the problem of illegal guns on the streets." 



CNN then aired a clip of NYC Mayor Eric Adams announcing that he is going to:

"Reinstitute a newer version of a plainclothes, modified plainclothes, anti-gun unit."

Just consider that bureaucratic gobbledygook. Nothing new. No "change." Just a dusted-off, repackaged, "newer, modified version"  of a solution that didn't work before and won't work now. And Prokupecz reported that it's "unclear" how many officers will be in this recycled unit . . . or what they will actually do! Certainly sounds like a formula for success!

Next, CNN aired a clip of New York Governor Hochul, who announced the first meeting of an interstate "illegal-gun task force."

Great! Because when you want to solve a tough problem, there's nothing like another multi-governmental "task force!" 

What if instead of focusing on the guns, New York City and state flooded the streets with law enforcement, and rounded up the people using those guns? Many are already known to law enforcement. Dare we say, "stop and frisk?" 

Why do liberal politicians fear solutions that could actually work? Afraid of offending parts of the base? 

CNN touting the "solutions" of liberal politicians to focus on guns rather than the criminals who use them was sponsored by ADT, Subaru, NordicTrack, and Liberty Mutual.   

Here's the transcript:

New Day
6:10 am ET

JOHN BERMAN: This morning, law enforcement around the country on high alert after the deadly shootings of police officers in New York and Texas. NYPD Officer Jason Rivera was shot and killed Friday while responding to a domestic incident. And Houston-area Deputy Charles Galloway was killed during a traffic stop on Sunday. CNN's Shimon Prokupecz joins us live from New York. This is such a tragedy, Shimon.

SHIMON PROKUPECZ: Just horrific. And the brutal nature of this attack is really calling for change. City officials here saying that it's time for something to be different. It's time for change. The mayor saying something needs to change. Something needs to be done to save the city

Friday's shooting is drawing attention to the problem of illegal guns on the streets. The NYPD says the suspect used a gun stolen from Baltimore in 2017.

On Sunday, Mayor Eric Adams announced a plan to address the problem.

ERIC ADAMS: Immediately, we're going to reinstitute a newer version of a plainclothes, modified plainclothes, anti-gun unit. Our team has done the proper analysis. And now we're going to deploy that.

PROKUPECZ: A city official said the NYPD commissioner has asked precinct commanders to select candidates for the unit. But it's not clear how many officers will be chosen, or how they would operate.

New York's governor also announced the first meeting of an interstate task force on illegal guns this week.

KATHY HOCHUL: They're coming in from other states. They're flooding our streets. And I have pledged the resources of the New York State Police to become embedded with NYPD and others to help them.