Tiffany Cross Gushes, Biden Deputy Press Secretary Calls Psaki 'My Partner in Truth'

March 28th, 2021 6:30 AM

No one laughs in the liberal bubble when the Biden press team congratulates each other as the perpetual presenters of truth. The current press secretary transferred from CNN and her deputy came in from MSNBC, so they've been touting themselves as Team Truth throughout the Trump years. 

On Saturday's The Cross Connection, deputy White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre called her superior Jen Psaki "my partner in truth."

Jen Psaki, truth-teller? The woman most famous for "circling back" rather than giving straight answers to tough questions? Psaki, who can't honestly explain why reporters have only been allowed to see a Potemkin Village on the border, instead of the facilities where children are being kept in inhumane conditions? Who twists herself into rhetorical pretzels trying to explain why Biden was for the filibuster before he was against it? Who claimed ignorance of the $3.5 million payment to Hunter Biden from the wife of the Moscow mayor? 

Jean-Pierre was a spokesman for the far-left as well as a regular on MSNBC before joining the Biden campaign in 2020.  Cross, a big booster of Jean-Pierre, was dying to know when she would be at the podium for a televised press briefing, becoming the first black woman to do so. (The Biden team promised to rotate their minority deputies to briefing-room duty for that "history.")

Tiffany Cross Karine Jean-Pierre MSNBC The Cross Connection 3-27-21Before self-effacingly saying that her time would presumably come, Jean-Pierre effusively praised her boss, calling Psaki her "partner in truth," saying she's been "amazing," and that Jean-Pierre has "learned so much from her."  Like how to obfuscate and circle back, we presume?

Cross insisted that Jean-Pierre absolutely had to come back on the show after her history-making first at the podium. 

Taking a page from 1984, perhaps Biden should rename his communications operation  . . . the Ministry of Truth!

Deputy Biden press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre calling Jen Psaki her "partner in truth" was sponsored in part by Breyers and Procter & Gamble, maker of Metamucil.

Here's the transcript.

The Cross Connection
10:07 am EDT

TIFFANY CROSS: I really want to ask you. You did your first gaggle on Air Force One when President Biden was headed to Georgia. Everybody wants to know when you're going to be at podium. You'd make history as the first black woman to host a televised press briefing. When are we going to see that happen?

KARINE JEAN-PIERRE: [giggles] Well, thanks, thanks, thank you, my friend. 

Can I just say, though, that my partner in truth, Jen Psaki, has just been amazing behind the podium. She has been just a joy to work with. I've learned so much from her. I think she probably would say we've learned from each other and, you know, I think that, you know, we have a really amazing communications team. And, you know, my guess is my time will come. But thank you for asking me and thank you for always supporting me, Tiffany. I appreciate that.

CROSS: All right, I can't wait to have you back on the show. Come back after you take the podium for the first time. We want to celebrate that moment.

JEAN-PIERRE: Absolutely! I promise. I'll be back. I'll be back. I promise, Tiffany.

CROSS: We've got the tape. We've got the tape! So I'm going to hold you to it. Thanks, Karine: I appreciate it!