Morning Joe Regular Accuses US Special Operations In Afghanistan Of 'High-Tech Murder On A Large Scale'

May 11th, 2011 8:41 AM

Left-wing Columbia Professor Jeffrey Sachs, a frequent Morning Joe guest, has accused US special operations forces of committing "high-tech murder on a large scale" for their targeted campaign of killing or capturing Al Qaeda Taliban forces in Afghanistan.

Sachs made his contemptible accusation on today's Morning Joe in the course of a discussion of the PBS Frontline documentary "Kill/Capture" on the JSOC operations.  Stephen Grey, a producer of the documentary, was a guest.

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JEFFREY SACHS: I know these countries from the ground, what these villages are like.  People are hungry, they don't have employment, they don't have income. And the idea that you can murder your way to a successful society strikes me as very, very odd.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Well, but Dr. Sachs, the idea that you can develop a society that is still way, way behind in the Third World is naive as well.

SACHS: But I'm saying, the idea that this is going to be in some targeted way, high-tech murder on a large scale, that you're getting the right people.  What are the right people in this sense?  These are kids in villages.

NOTE:  None of the Morning Joe panel members, consisting of Mika Brzezinksi, Mike Barnicle and Mark McKinnon [of 'No Labels'], made a peep of protest in response to Sachs' loathsome allegation.