'View' Mocks 'Robot' 'Manchurian Candidate' Sen. Loeffler Calling Out Radical Warnock

December 7th, 2020 2:12 PM

As the fate of the Senate hangs in the balance, the media are working hard to demonize the Republican Senators in Georgia’s runoff race while hiding the radicalism of their Democrat challengers. The View was no different on Monday’s show, with each host mocking Sen. Kelly Loeffler for deeming her opponent Ralph Warnock, a socialist, during their debate last night, and declaring how each Democrat clearly won their respective debates.

After playing a few soundbites from the debates which all favored the Democrats, the hosts started picking on Loeffler first. Co-host Sunny Hostin was aghast that the Republican would deny she was a racist (in response to Democrat Raphael Warnock suggesting she was.) Simply opposing the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement made you a racist, according to Hostin:

I think there's no question that Warnock won that debate. I think that it was terrible that Senator Loeffler kept on calling him names, you know, radical liberal and this and that. He didn't go low. He didn't meet her there which I thought was a good thing, but I was really surprised at her answer about not having a racist bone in her body when we know she's called the Black Lives Matter organization fascist. We know she's part owner of a WNBA team in Atlanta. They are actually supporting her opponent. She really just picked a fight with the WNBA players. It was kind of unbelievable when you know that Georgia has a population of 32% [African American]. I think he won handily yesterday. 

Hostin’s co-hosts instead took to mocking Loeffler’s demeanor.



Ana Navarro claimed she was a “programmed robot” for repeatedly calling out Warnock’s radicalism:

Listen. Any time anybody says they don't have a racist bone in their body, be careful. But other than that, the debate was really freaky to watch, okay? I've got to tell you. Jon Ossoff who was debating an empty podium, that empty podium projected more warmth and humanity than Kelly Loeffler did in an entire hour. She sounded like a programmed robot. She sounded so much like my alarm system when it tells me my door was ajar. All she did was repeat on a loop, She leftist radical, defund the police, socialism!

Joy Behar also derided the Senator as a “wind-up doll” for saying “socialism:” “You mean besides the wind-up doll? Socialism, socialism, socialism, socialism. You know, it's like turn the key behind her!” she sighed.

Sara Haines called Loeffler a “Manchurian candidate” for repeating her “socialism” talking points, while she attacked attacked David Perdue for not showing up to debate his Democrat opponent, Jon Ossoff:

If you don't show up for something in any other job, you're fired, so the fact that he didn't show up as an elected official, this is the chance -- this is a huge election as we all know, and this is the chance for voters to see how you fare against the opponent, what you stand for, what you do. For him to not show up, the arrogance of that, and his campaign manager Ben Frye said in a statement, that 'Jon Ossoff lost in a debate against himself.' Well if you forfeit, that's actually a win. So he did not lose against himself because he was the only guy that showed up, but I have to comment on Kelly Loeffler as you all said. There was a Manchurian Candidate vibe to her. It was like she didn't have anything to say, so she kept relying on the talking points, but when you keep going back to, ‘this guy is a liberal’ and she was deliberate in saying it over and over with no life or feeling, you still have to sell it... 

Just before this segment, the hosts complained about not enough people taking COVID “seriously.” Joy Behar actually quoted Joseph Stalin to lament over COVID deaths:

[T]here was a quote that's attributed to Stalin, something like ‘the death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.’ I think that people are looking at these numbers and saying, ‘well, it doesn't apply to me’ or something, or’ it's not going to be that bad, you know, I'll get over it.’ No. No. We need to see pictures of people on ventilators. We need to see people suffering from this disease, I'm afraid. 

Behar also doubled down on her demand that people who refuse to wear masks should forfeit their rights to medical treatment, a demand she made last April about lockdown protesters:

These people who refuse to wear a mask, refuse to social distance, I said this before. They need to sign some kind of paralegal paper saying, if I get sick, I will not go to the ICU. I will not take up a bed and threaten other people's lives. I think they should have done that in the first place. Just saying. 

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