Maher: 'Both Sides' Aren't 'Equally Wrong;' Right Got On 'Short Bus to Crazytown'

January 19th, 2017 11:00 AM

Wednesday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, HBO liberal talkshow host Bill Maher came on the show to bash conservatives and call on the media to hold Trump accountable. Without any sense of irony, Maher lectured Kimmel on the need for hosts like him to hold Trump’s “feet to the fire” as if the media gives Trump the adoring Obama treatment. Maher then told Kimmel that the media can’t treat the right the same as the left after the election because one side had gone to “crazytown.”

The short interview began with Maher talking to Kimmel about Trump potentially appearing on both of their shows. Maher praised Kimmel for wanting Trump to appear on his show, but warned him that he needed to hold Trump accountable.

MAHER: I know he's actually a game show host from Queens. But now he's the President of the United States. So if you're going to have him on, this is everybody, hold his feet to the fire.

KIMMEL: You mean literally?

MAHER: Oh, if you could. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ]

KIMMEL: The way you say that. I assume that --

MAHER: Yeah, don't let him use you.

Later on, Maher and Kimmel discussed how polarized Americans were into their political parties and how each side took in their own media.

JIMMY KIMMEL: I think it's very interesting that what has happened now is that people don't really seem to examine specific issues anymore. It seems like you root for one team...Either you are you're on the right side, you're on the left side, and whatever you're told to support on this side, you support. And vice versa. And it's really kind of terrible.

MAHER: Well, people are in their media ghettos. That's the problem.

Maher then warned Kimmel and the viewers to not give the right the same respect as the left, after this election, asserting the right had gone to “crazytown.”

MAHER: [L]et's not create a false equivalency like both sides are equally wrong. No one is harder on liberals than me, as a liberal.

KIMMEL: That's true.
MAHER: And I am a liberal. But let's never forget one side got on the short bus to crazytown and it's not my side. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ]