Nets Warn Cruz, 'Likely’ to Lose Indiana in ‘Cruz-Crushing Sweep’

May 2nd, 2016 9:45 PM

The evening news broadcasts set the negative tone for Ted Cruz Monday night, all virtually predicting that Cruz would lose to Trump in Indiana and his chances at the nomination were slim to none.

The path to the nomination “appears to have run out for Ted Cruz” Scott Pelley intoned on CBS Evening News. “After being crushed” by Trump in the most recent primary, Scott Pelley stated, Cruz was “likely looking at another loss” tomorrow. CBS all but declared Trump the winner of Indiana as correspondent Major Garrett noted the “frantic pace” at which Cruz was campaigning in Indiana, claiming it matched the Senator’s “sense of anxiety” about his “standing in the polls” which show an impending “Cruz-crushing sweep” in Trump’s favor.

All three networks highlighted a tense interaction between Cruz and a Trump supporter in Indiana with ABC also noting a child who heckled Ted Cruz at one rally. NBC’s Hallie Jackson followed up with Cruz afterwards asking if that interaction was any indication of his unfavorability with voters. “So you think you have the numbers here, based on that interaction?” she asked Cruz.NBC’s Lester Holt did his part in calling the hostile interaction from a Trump supporter, “enlightening.” 

Newsbusters has long documented the media’s particular distaste for Ted Cruz and their eager heralding of Trump as the potential GOP nominee.