Malkin: Anne Applebaum Still Defending Lack of Disclosure

September 29th, 2009 11:26 AM

"How do you say 'FAIL' in Polish," Michelle Malkin quipped in a blog post this morning dealing with Washington Post columnist Anne Applebaum, who in a September 27 blog post decried the arrest of Roman Polanski in Zurich the day before.

Applebaum, you may recall, failed to note in that blog post that her husband, Polish foreign minister Radoslaw Sikorski, is pleading for Polanski's release. Well, Malkin noted today that Applebaum is defending her lack of full disclosure, despite having been called out on the blogosphere for the glaring omission:

Patterico reported over the weekend that lecherous child predator/director Roman Polanski’s Washington Post defender Anne Applebaum failed to mention in her latest pro-Polanski blog post that her husband is a Polish politician actively lobbying for Polanski’s freedom.

Applebaum now says she “had no idea that my husband, who is in Africa, would, or could do anything about it, as Polanski is not a Polish citizen.”

Er, except that, as Patterico points out, the very first sentence of her blog post links to a story mentioning that her husband was seeking clemency for Polanski.

How do you say “FAIL” in Polish?