Obama Victory Would Not Be License to Attack Business or Over-regulate Says Kudlow

November 4th, 2008 10:41 PM

As election results rolled in, the hosts on CNBC's election coverage speculated what a win by Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama might mean.

CNBC "Kudlow & Company" host Larry Kudlow warned Obama shouldn't misinterpret the election results to unleash an attack on vital parts of the economy.

"My point is Obama can not go far to the left if he is winning states like Ohio and New Mexico and let's say Virginia and the others," Kudlow said. "In other words, these red states that are hotly contested are sending a message to Sen. Obama he must in fact govern as the moderate."

However, Keith Boykin, editor of The Daily Voice online news site and a BET TV host disagreed with Kudlow. According to Boykin, the election results are evidence that Americans don't want a conservative or moderate, but Kudlow warned that type of thinking would get Obama in trouble.

"I think if they take your view Keith - with all due respect my friend - that's where Obama's going to get into trouble," Kudlow added. "If he thinks this gives him license to go on attacking business and attacking investors and over-regulating the economy, and going after small businesses - I think he's going to misinterpret his mandate. This is a moderate mandate and I think he has to govern as a moderate."

Kudlow explained to viewers that some of Obama's strength on Election Day came in traditionally red states by very close margins - meaning Obama voters wanted change, but not radical liberal policies.