Top 10: ‘Terrifying’ Trump Sat Back and Watched Americans ‘Die’

October 2nd, 2020 9:00 AM

With voters already headed to the polls with early voting, liberal journalists have amped up their rhetoric against Donald Trump this month. The release of Bob Woodward’s new book on the President, provoked CBS’s Tony Dokoupil to compare Trump’s handling of covid to the Nixon-era scandal: “No one died in Watergate.”

Woodward’s old Washington Post colleague, CNN analyst Carl Bernstein called Trump “a national security threat.” New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman called the Trump presidency “The most frightening moment in my life.” On MSNBC, Joe Scarborough accused the President of sitting by and watching Americans “die.” 

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The following is a top 10 countdown of just some of the most outrageous bias by lefty journalists over the last month:


10. A Vote for Trump Is For White Supremacy 



“What this presidential election is about is whether the country’s going to move more in the direction of white supremacy, or whether it’s going to move more in the direction of a multiracial, constitutional republic based on the principles of freedom and democracy.” 

—  Former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather on MSNBC’s AM Joy, September 13. 


9. WH Reporter’s Non-Endorsement Endorsement of “Madame Vice President”



“Have you seen this shirt? [Holds up t-shirt that reads ‘The Next VP Will Look Like Me.’]....I can’t wear it, I can’t endorse, but a lot of people feel very good that history is here. And I’m gonna say this: For 23 years, I’ve been at the White House and I’ve seen history, I’ve seen the first black President of the United States of America and I called him ‘Mr. President.’ But if you come there in January, and I get to raise my please answer my question if I raise my hand, I get to say ‘Madame Vice President.’ Do you know that sends chills through me? And you look like me! Does that give you chills?...I can’t endorse, but what I say is if I get to say ‘Madame Vice President,’ that’s gonna send chills through me. That’s all I’m gonna say!...Go vote everyone!”

— CNN political analyst and White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks April Ryan, in an interview with Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Senator Kamala Harris, as streamed on Ryan’s Instagram account, September 21. 


8. Oh Those Dastardly Humans and Their Economies! 

“When the world went into lockdown last spring, a brief and beautiful transformation took place. Animals appearing in locations they hadn’t been seen in years. Mountains and skylines revealed after decades of shrouded in pollution. And a remarkable hopeful drop in greenhouse gas emissions, the single largest contributing factor to climate change. This silver lining, however, quickly faded as countries started opening up.”

— Weatherman Al Roker on NBC’s Today, September 8. 


7. Todd Whines: Trump Has Robbed Press of “Our Power” to Shame 



“We all underestimated how to cover this President and how to cover his mischaracterizations and lies….He doesn’t have shame about it. And when we lose our ability to shame a politician we lose a lot of our power. That’s for sure.”

— Moderator Chuck Todd on NBC’s Meet the Press, September 13. 


6. President Trump Is Stoking “White Violence” 



“The crime he [Donald Trump] is deriding is happening on his watch. He is stoking it and using it successfully in many cases to make Americans afraid….He isn’t against violence. He is against black violence. He’s just fine with white violence, it appears.”

— Host Brianna Keilar on CNN Newsroom, September 1. 


5. Trump Now a “National Security Threat” 



“This [Trump tax returns] is really the smoking gun of a pervasively criminal presidency. We have a President of the United States who is a grifter. His family are grifters and this is the definitive evidence of it, but more grievous, grotesque, and dangerous are the national security implications of the New York Times report….This is an unraveling that we now need to do in the press and the Congress of the United States to find out just how great a national security threat to this country our President is.” 

— CNN analyst and former Washington Post editor Carl Bernstein on CNN Newsroom, September 28. 


4. At Least “No One Died in Watergate”  



Co-host Tony Dokoupil: “Your former reporting partner Carl Bernstein of Watergate fame called these tapes, the tapes tied to your book, graver than those Watergate tapes, referring to the loss of life and importance for history. Do you agree with that assessment? Is this graver than Watergate?”

Washington Post Associate Editor Bob Woodward: “Well, it’s hard to compare.”

Dokoupil: “Well, no one died in Watergate. 200,000 people have died here.”

CBS This Morning, September 15. 


3. Move Over, Civil War and Slavery! Trump’s Covid Response “Greatest Tragedy” in U.S. History 

“Donald Trump has confessed on tape to the greatest and most deadly lie in all the long history of the United States, bar none….It is a failure of moral leadership that is unequalled in the country’s history. He knew how deadly this was….We have a President of the United States that is fundamentally indifferent to the lives of the American people, and this is the greatest tragedy in the history of the United States.” 

— MSNBC contributor Steve Schmidt on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, September 15. 


2. “Terrifying” Trump: “Most Frightening Moment In My Life” 



“This certainly is the most frightening moment in my life. It’s frightening because of him. It’s frightening because he’s backed by a state-owned network. And it’s terrifying because the Republican Party has become basically a political brothel that rents itself out by the night to whoever will energize its base, whether it was Sarah Palin or the Tea Party or now, Trump...I shudder to think what four more years of this would be like.”

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, September 24. 


1. Trump Sat By and Watched Americans Die  



“As he lied month after month, his staff remained silent. You see, staying in good standing with Donald Trump ended up being more important to them than saving your life….Six months into this lie, nearly 200,000 American souls are dead. Countless, countless, remain ravaged by the aftermath of this horrific disease. Millions still out of work….Donald Trump says he didn’t want Americans to panic. No, he just wanted to sit by and watch them die.”

—  Co-host Joe Scarborough on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, September 10.