There He Goes Again: Jorge Ramos’ Reaction to ‘Bad Hombres’

October 24th, 2016 8:00 AM

Since June of 2015, there’s something Univision’s chief news anchor Jorge Ramos has never missed a beat in doing: portraying Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s words as expressions of unbridled xenophobia and racism.

Ramos latest line of attack? His take that when Trump talked in the third presidential debate about the necessity of removing some “bad hombres” from the country, the Republican presidential candidate was basically referring to all immigrants. Sounds familiar? Evidently, not even Trump’s dabbling in Spanish can mollify Ramos.

In the midst of promoting his new documentary “Hate Rising”, Ramos is seeking to advance his agenda and thesis that Trump has triggered a rise in racism and hate in the United States.

Missing from Ramos’ latest invectives are facts that from the outset of Trump’s campaign have been a front and central concern for the candidate in dealing with the nation’s broken immigration system: that there are tens of thousands of unauthorized immigrants in the country who have committed serious crimes and have yet to be deported.

Ramos never mentions, for example, that under the “catch and release” policies of the Obama administration, nearly 370,000 convicted criminal aliens are out and about. According to testimony provided by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Sarah Saldaña before the House Judiciary Committee, over the last three years alone ICE has released over 86,000 convicted criminal aliens.

Like the plague, Ramos also avoids mentioning that, as reported by the Boston Globe, criminal unauthorized immigrants get into trouble with the law again at extremely high rates.

But of course, those are inconvenient facts for Univision’s chief news anchor, who has brazenly taken sides in this election and continues to seize just about every opportunity he can to attack Trump and favor Clinton.