Nets Fear ‘Biblical’ Israeli Response in Gaza ‘Could Be Even Worse’ Than Hamas Terror

October 13th, 2023 4:32 PM

The Friday morning flagship news shows on ABC, CBS, and NBC continued the all-too-predictable pivot away from Israel after Saturday’s Hamas terror attacks and toward Hamas and the Palestinians. On ABC’s Good Morning America and CBS Mornings, they ripped Israel for their “biblical” demand people flee northern Gaza ahead of a likely ground invasion that, along with a “toxic mix of fear and anger” “on both sides”, could result in “even...worse” images.

On CBS Mornings, foreign correspondent Imtiaz Tyab was back on the case (as he was earlier this week) spinning for the Palestinians. Tyab fretted Palestinians were “on the move after Israel ordered them to evacuate their homes to the southern end of the bombed out territory, an exodus that almost seems biblical.”



He further implied this was unfair, amid favorable soundbites from Gazans: 

Think of it, a population equal to that of Rhode Island being told to move in just 24 hours. Evacuate, or else. Northern Gaza is being pounded relentlessly by Israeli strikes, reducing entire neighborhoods to rubble...The UN has described the mass evacuation warning as impossible, saying it would have devastating consequences on civilians

“In the light of day, unending scenes of chaos and carnage as the dead and wounded littered the streets. Hospitals are now at breaking point, overwhelmed by the sheer number of casualties. Exhausted doctors are being forced to make agonizing decisions,” he added.

Tyab wasn’t even interested in a equivalency at all, even in the second hour (click “expand”):

TYAB: Making matters worse, Israel has cut off all supplies including food, water, and fuel. In just six days, at least 1,500 Palestinians have been killed, including over 500 children. “Do not be afraid, dad,” this boy says. “Be strong.” But for so many Gazans this morning, strength will not be enough. Now, despite everything, there are many Palestinians who are still refusing to leave their houses, that’s because a large number of people in Gaza are descendants of those who were expelled from their homes during the creation of Israel. They say, they’ve had to abandon their homes once and that they won’t again, no matter what, Gayle.

GAYLE KING: Yes, it is not getting any better there. Thank you very much. Imtiaz Tyab reporting from Jerusalem.


TYAB: Well, the UN called on Israel to withdraw its order warning “of devastating humanitarian consequences.” More than 1,400 Palestinians including over 500 children have been killed across Gaza since Israel launched retaliatory airstrikes and Israeli ground offensive aiming to eradicate the Hamas militant group is expected in the coming days after the unprecedented assault on Israel, killing over 1,300 and seizing dozens of hostages.

While CBS had Tyab, ABC has had chief foreign correspondent Ian Pannell spinning against Israel.

Pannell also used the U.N.’s typical denunciations of Israel, lamenting “the situation in Gaza is certainly not calm, a seventh day of continuous bombing.” It should be obvious, but Hamas didn’t give any warning to innocent Israelis and citizens from a host of other countries before kidnapping, maiming, and slaughtering them.

“Vast areas in Gaza already reduced to rubble. The death toll climbing remorselessly...300,000 Palestinians have been forced from their homes so far. This little girl seen crying in a stranger’s arms. Humanitarian groups say hospitals are overwhelmed and on the brink of collapse,” he added.

Pannell later ripped Israel’s response as making matters worse compared to, say, not doing anything and going as far as saying the invasion launched by Israel would be uglier than Hamas’s atrocities:

[W]hat we are seeing here, I think, on both sides is high levels of suffering, high levels of fear. And you’ve got this toxic mix of fear and anger, and that’s leading to tension. Not just here but in Gaza on the southern border and across Israel about what is to follow in the coming days. The events that we’ve seen over the last seven days have been horrendous. But there are genuine fears of what we are about to see, could even be worse.

Pannell returned in the second hour to double down (click “expand”);

Israel’s saying people should move from North Gaza for their own protection, but Hamas telling residents they should stay where they are. Overnight the U.N. warning that moving so many people could have, “devastating humanitarian consequences”...Vast areas in Gaza already reduced to rubble. The death toll climbing remorselessly. More than 1,500 Palestinians killed since Saturday’s attack in Israel, many more wounded. 300,000 Palestinians have been forced from their homes so far. This little girl seen crying in a stranger’s arms. Humanitarian groups say hospitals are overwhelmed and on the brink of collapse. 

Now, Israeli forces are gathering at the border of Gaza for a possible ground assault, Israel retaliating for last Saturday’s massacre of Israeli civilians that killed more than 1,300 people, including at least 27 Americans. As the fighting intensifies there are growing fears that the war could spread. Overnight, Iran, a sponsor of Hamas, says opening other fronts could be possible...As terrible, as unimaginable as the seven days have been, there are genuine fears on both sides that things are about to get even worse.

NBC’s Today also joined in with chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel seeming to question Israel’s motives:

Israel says it only targets Hamas. But what about the children? 40 percent of the two million Gazans are under 15. The U.N. says a humanitarian crisis is dire and getting worse. Hospitals in Gaza are overwhelmed with thousands of dead and wounded. Doctors are running out of supplies and Israel has cut the power and water.

He too added the reality that many Gazans are refusing to leave because Hamas told them to stay.

To see the relevant transcripts from October 13, click here (for ABC), here (for CBS), and here (for NBC).