Nets Pours Syrupy Tones Over ‘Renewed Energy’ for March on Washington Anniversary

August 28th, 2023 6:13 PM

From Saturday night through Monday morning, the “big three” networks of ABC, CBS, and NBC got weak knees over the 60th anniversary of the March on Washington and Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have a Dream speech that, based on even a cursory view, was no more than a far-left political rally led in part by ethnic and racial arsonist, MSNBC host Al Sharpton. 

Even teachers union head Randi Weingarten was there, shouting like a raging lunatic! How that fit in other than ideology was beyond us. Our Alex Christy set the table by looking at the similarly comical coverage on Saturday morning.



The post-march goo started flowing on ABC’s World News Tonight with senior congressional correspondent Rachel Scott playing fill-in anchor and swooning in a tease: “The March on Washington turning 60. A new wave of support. Thousands gathering to walk in those same steps taken decades ago, and there were new demands for social, economic, and racial justice.”

Scott later opened the segment by touting the “reflection and emotion in” D.C. with “[y]oung and old and people from all different backgrounds among the thousands gathering on the National Mall today” with a “renewed call for change.”

Correspondent Faith Abubey acted as the march’s unofficial spokeswoman, cheering the “thousands....with a renewed demand for social, economic, and racial justice” with former U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young “making an impassioned call for equality and an end to discrimination.”

As a reminder of how much the liberal media fears Ron DeSantis, Abubey had to make a veiled swipe against him: “Today’s March comes amid the heightened culture wars across the United States. The latest flashpoint? Florida’s controversial black history curriculum.

Tossing back to Scott, Abubey was bursting at the seams with her leftwing activism: “[I]t’s remarkable the coalition of activists who came together. We’re told roughly 200 organizations from across the spectrum, representing multiple communities including the Jewish, Asian Americans and LGBTQ+”.

CBS Weekend News came off as muted, painting the 2023 march was unobjectionable, led by “a new generation gathered to honor the call” of King.

Pivoting to Saturday’s NBC Nightly News, anchor Jose Diaz-Balart celebrated “the new mission” with “thousands retrac[ing] his steps today, picking up his mission while vowing to take on new challenges.”

NBC News NOW anchor Aaron Gilchrist had screaming NQ’s that almost harkened back to how liberal journalists behaved ahead of the first Obama inauguration: “A sea of people from across the nation at the monument to President Lincoln to take in a call to action...Organizers of today's event embracing Dr. King's charge, and adding a new generation of issues.”

After citing “the fight to stop violence against minority groups” and “the fight for voting rights” with gooey soundbites, he turned to white liberal Sally Levin, who lamented “things” haven’t “changed the way they should have and I need to help make that change.”

Gilchrist saved the worst for last: “The day ending with this March to the MLK Memorial, literal forward movement carrying this renewed energy into the future.”

On Sunday’s Good Morning America, co-host Stephanie Ramos teased her agreement by pushing “[t]he continued fight for racial equality and the new dedication to end all forms of discrimination.”

Abubey was back and, whether she meant to or not, she blew the lid off the idea that this rally wasn’t political by admitting one of the major focuses was protecting abortions (which apparently somehow jives with racial equality). And, after her piece, the co-hosts were similarly captivated (click “expand”):

ABUBEY: [T]housands back at the nation’s capital this weekend to remember a defining moment that inspired change.

ANDREW YOUNG: I’m Andrew Young and I have been here before. [SCREEN WIPE] It’s been a long but wonderful struggle, and I’m here to tell you that — I don’t feel no ways tired.

ABUBEY: From civil rights icons like Andrew Young, who marched alongside Dr. King, to King’s own 15-year-old granddaughter Yolanda.

YOLANDA RENEE KING: If I could speak to my grandfather today, I would say I’m sorry we still have to be here to rededicate ourselves to finishing your work.

ABUBEY: Marchers citing voter suppression, reproductive rights, and the end of affirmative action for bringing them here.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE MARCH ATTENDEE: The things we won back in the ‘60s are taken away.


GIO BENITEZ: Yeah, you know it’s really striking to see the story against the backdrop of how we opened this show with a racially motivated attack in Florida. It’s really striking. Clearly more work needs to be done.

RAMOS: Absolutely. 60 years have passed, but the goal is the same and the work continues.

WILL REEVE: Yeah, certainly.

BENITEZ: Absolutely. Thank you, Faith.

RAMOS: Absolutely. Thanks, Faith.

The valentines came once more on Monday morning.

On Today, NBC correspondent Gabe Gutierrez opened his story on the racially-motivated Jacksonville shooting by touting President Biden “not[ing] that racist rampage happened on the 60th anniversary of the March on Washington.”

Monday’s CBS Mornings had a brief on Saturday’s festivities via co-host Nate Burleson, who noted at the end that “[s]peakers argued that King’s dream has not yet been realized.”

One of the highest-paid women in news and a multimillionaire, co-host and Democratic donor Gayle King concurred, muttering out “I’ll say” in agreement and cited the Jacksonville shooting in which the racist thug shot people based on the color of their skin

Also incredibly wealthy, a successful former NFL player, and host of multiple shows, Burleson concurred: “Yes, and you would hope more than half a century later that we wouldn’t be as divided as we are as a country.”

Over on ABC, fill-in co-host Gio Benitez channeled his colleague and chief Biden apple polisher, Mary Bruce by stating off the top of the show that “President Biden [is] planning to sit down with activists and members of the King family today to discuss the continued push for equal rights for all Americans. “

Abubey resurfaced one last time with more fluff, including acknowledgments that this march for civil rights (originally for African-Americans) now includes calling for taking on the Supreme Court because they “have gutted abortion rights and affirmative action” (click “expand”):

There were people at this March over the weekend who were at this very same spot 60 years ago when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered that iconic I Have a Dream speech right over there. They remembered the heartfelt battles for civil rights and they remember and have seen the victories that have been won over the years. But 60 years later, they tell me they feel like they’re still fighting to protect some of the basic rights in Dr. King’s dreams. 

Now, take a look at some of the video and images from the weekend. Thousands packed the National Mall to remember the anniversary of the march. You can see it was a noticeably smaller crowd than the nearly million — quarter million on this day back in 1963. Now we spoke to some of the original March organizers and they tell me that this fight is still about freedom, still about access to the ballot box and beating back housing discrimination and police violence. They also highlighted some of the recent Supreme Court rulings that have gutted abortion rights and affirmative action. But, some of these marchers tell me they’re very much committed to this fight. In the meantime, at the White House, President Biden and some activists, along with some members of the Dr. King family are expected to meet today to discuss the ongoing push for equal rights for all Americans.

Fill-in co-host and former Apprentice contestant Rebecca Jarvis gave her two cents in reacting to Abubey’s words: “Never lose that infinite hope.”

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