CNN, MSNBC Ignore Concealed Carrier Intervening in Road Rage Incident [Updated]

January 28th, 2019 6:10 PM

In the aftermath of two men getting into a road rage incident in Massachusetts which ended after a concealed carry permit holder helped tamp down the situation, the broadcast networks and Fox News Channel all gave attention to video of the story, which includes footage of one man holding onto the hood of an SUV while it was being driven as rapidly as 70 mph.

But CNN and MSNBC have so far ignored the dramatic event in spite of the compelling video that was shown on the other networks.

(Updates in bold.)


Of the three broadcast networks, ABC has given it the most attention as Good Morning America gave it a full story on both Sunday and Monday, as did World News Tonight on Sunday and again on Monday. And on Monday evening, World News Tonight aired another report of more than a minute.

NBC's Today show gave it almost three minutes on Monday while CBS This Morning gave it 51 seconds. Fox and Friends also ran a brief, but other shows on Fox News Channel have also given it attention later in the day.

And on Monday evening, the CBS Evening News ran a brief while the NBC Nightly News ran a report of more than a minute.

The incident began after a minor accident between the two men -- Richard Kramrowski and Mark Fitzgerald. After the two began arguing, Fitzgerald sped away, leading Kramrowski to jump onto the hood to stop him.

Kramrowski managed to hang onto the hood for about three miles until other motorists used their vehicles to force Fitzgerald to stop. An unidentified man with a gun then rushed up to the SUV and ordered Fitzgerald out of his vehicle, possibly preventing further violence.