FNC Debunks Media Myths on Illegal Immigrant Caravan

November 29th, 2018 9:29 PM

On Thursday morning, Fox and Friends spent time informing viewers of some of the misinformation that the dominant liberal media like CNN and MSNBC have been spreading about the caravan of illegal immigrants trying to get into the U.S.

As co-host Steve Doocy was joined by Gus Portela of Accuracy in Media, the segment highlighted the media tendency to downplay the large number of adult men and non-citizens who will never qualify for asylum who are trying to use the caravan to enter the U.S., as well as the significant number who have a criminal history.



At 8:17 a.m. Eastern, Doocy began with a soundbite of the ACLU's Lee Gelernt appearing on CNN's New Day asserting that many of the caravan members would qualify for asylum. In another clip, liberal CNN political commentator Maria Cardona talked up those immigrants who could be granted asylum.

But Portela explained that less than 10 percent of the migrants are likely to qualify for such asylum that would give them permission to remain in the U.S. while many are simply seeking to earn more money than they can in Central America.

Then came another clip of Gelernt's CNN appearanece in which he claimed that "this is not a caravan of stone-cold criminals," followed another soundbite of CNN host Chris Cuomo complaining that the caravan members are being portrayed as "monsters."

Portela disposed of that nonsense by citing DHS numbers as stating that more than 600 criminals have been identified in the group, including MS-13 members.