Ready for Not-Hillary: MSNBCer Says 'Authentic' Jim Webb Contrasts with 'Packaged' Hillary

November 22nd, 2014 10:56 AM

Signing up at for Ready for Hillary today [wanting to receive their emails], I felt a bit guilty, having to pledge my support in order to do so.  But on reflection, indeed I might support Hillary . . . should the Republican ticket be Elizabeth Warren/Bernie Sanders.

But not every Dem or MSM member [but I repeat myself] is so eager to jump on the Hillary haywagon.  Take Krystal Ball. On today's Up with Steve Kornacki, MSNBC-regular and former Virginia Dem congressional candidate Ball praised Jim Webb, who recently formed a presidential exploratory committee, as "authentic" and someone who "cares about issues."  Ball said that represents a "stark contrast from the very carefully packaged and branded Clinton image." Ouch.

KRYSTAL BALL: [Webb] also just stylistically is such a contrast from Hillary Clinton. You showed the video in all the ways that she's polished and produced and perfectly calibrated. He is not. He is rough. He is authentic. He cares with about issues. He speaks plainly. He doesn't try to oversmile, for example, he just is exactly who he is. And there's something very compelling about that and it is a stark contrast from the very carefully packaged and branded Clinton image.