HERE WE GO: Telemundo, Google Now Collaborating on Spanish 'Disinformation' Tool

January 21st, 2022 12:26 PM

The collusive relationship between Big Tech and corporate media continues apace, as do efforts to control Hispanics's access to the free flow of information. The latest instance comes via a collaboration between Google, Telemundo, and MediaWise intended to curb Spanish-language "disinformation."

Under the name of MediaWise En Español, the "tool" marketed by brand Ambassadors Julio Vaqueiro and MSNBC's Jose Diaz-Balart is available through the WhatsApp platform. It consists of short “courses” about such enlightening subjects as What is Disinformation and How Does it Spread; Three Questions to Verify Information Before Sharing, Disinformation: Typical Signs to Look for.

Watch as Diaz-Balart and Vaqueiro discussed how they plan to teach Hispanics to "decipher fact from fiction" (i.e. anything they disagree with):



JOSE DIAZ-BALART: Julio, you and I are also now ambassadors with Telemundo for a new program with Poynter institute and Google News that tackles disinformation in Spanish. Talk to me about the importance of that issue.

JULIO VAQUEIRO: I'm very excited about this one, Jose, because I think it's a great initiative. Basically what we're trying to do is to give tools to our audience for them to be able to distinguish what is true and false in the news. You know, we talk a lot about fake news in this country but everything is in English and we have more than 40 million people speaking Spanish at home who depend in social media to get in touch with family members around the country and around the world. The Latino community uses a lot of the internet and the social media to get informed. So we're giving them resources for them to be able to know what's true and what's not, what's fake news and what's not. So I'm very excited to join this initiative and to be with you- together in this.

DIAZ-BALART: And, more information in, right? In both English and español.

VAQUEIRO: That's right. Also in people can find out more about this and more resources.

An interesting fact was that, as per the official press release from the Poynter Institute, the MediaWise en Español program “will offer media literacy tips and training to empower older Spanish-speaking adults to spot misinformation online, including on the most popular social media platforms.”

This, of course, is a demographic that is not so easily persuaded to follow the media blindly, or gullible to the corporate media's leftist propaganda and parroted White House talking points.

With Hispanics embracing the Republican Party in growing numbers, “progressives” are desperately clutching their pearls. And increasingly, there is a push to limit the amount of information that Hispanics have access to. Particularly troublesome is Big Tech and corporate media coming together to be the arbiters of "disinformation." The problem with Big Tech assuming that role is that the flow of information only goes one way. Recall how Facebook and Twitter blocked the Hunter Biden story from getting out into the mainstream a couple of weeks before the election.  

Ultimately, who fact-checks the fact-checkers and disinformation monitors?

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