Univision Gives Newsom Another In-Kind Promo

July 2nd, 2021 4:27 PM

If you were to believe the news coming out of Univision about California Governor Gavin Newsom's upcoming recall election, you'd think that instead of a failed politician, he was an action hero of some sort. The Republicans, of course, are the archenemy. 

Take a look at this example of Univision's all-out effort to polish Newsom's image, complete with unnamed polls that favor his work and handling of the pandemic, as aired over on the Friday edition of their morning talk show Despierta América:


SATCHA PRETTO: On September 14, California voters decide whether or not to remove Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom, this after certifying the more than 1.5 million signatures obtained to call for his removal from office, in a campaign led by Republicans. This requires a majority vote of Californians. Polls indicate that 55 percent approve of the official's management, and 64% support his handling of the pandemic.

Nothing was mentioned about the reasons behind the effort to remove Newsom, which stemmed from his gross mishandling of the pandemic that propelled the recall campaign signed by 1.5 million California voters.

But at Univision, when things don't go according to their agenda, it's all because of the big, bad, Republicans.

This latest pro Newsom bit of “news” joins countless of other pitches by Univision News, including his lifting of COVID emergency measures, the extension of eviction moratoriums, medical coverage for the undocumented, high percentages of vaccinations in the State, the lifting of mask usage, the Golden Stimulus, a $10 million lottery for those who get vaccinated, and there was even a video report from Univision's San Francisco affiliate lamenting the effect that Gavin Newsom's recall would have on the Latino community. To wit: that the undocumented would not get as much free stuff from the state.

There's much at stake if Newsom loses, and Univision is well aware of the fact. 

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