Moms Demand Rep to Univision: 'We Were Required' to Attend Floyd Funeral

June 9th, 2020 4:02 PM

Univision never passes on an opportunity to promote its broader political agenda, which includes gun control. This latest attempt, though, backfired very badly.

Watch as a local Houston representative for Moms Demand Action, a Bloomberg-backed gun control group, tells Univision's correspondent that they were required to attend George Floyd's funeral on live television:


FRANCISCO COBOS, UNIVISION CORRESPONDENT: Some organizations have also come by, such as this organization made up of mothers who have been fighting guns for years and that, on occasion, are also in solidarity with the (Floyd) family. Let’s talk to one of them. For what reason did you decide to come to George Floyd’s funeral? 

ANNA CARPENTER, MOMS DEMAND: In fact, we were required (to attend). We were asked to come here in order to show solidarity with the family, and that is our purpose in attending today.

This particular gaffe served as a reminder that there are always opportunists lurking about, and seeking opportunities to exploit a national tragedy in furtherance of their own political agenda. Moms Demand's representative deserved some measure of credit for her honesty in saying that the local group was required to attend. Shame on Univision, however, for leveraging George Floyd's funeral into a shameless promotion of gun control. The agenda could've waited a couple of hours.