CensorTrack with TR: Ignorance Is Bliss? Twitter Hides Evil Truth of Abortion

April 20th, 2022 12:30 PM

It’s Episode 34 of CensorTrack with TR. This week we talked about how Big Tech is hiding the truth about the biggest tragedy our world faces today — abortion. 

WARNING: Graphic Images 

A group of pro-life activists discoverd the remains of 110 babies, five of which may have been killed illegally, according to National Review. “The Five” children were found on March 25th and were suspected to be around the late second or early third trimester of pregnancy when they died. This is a story that needs to break the news cycle. The world needs to see these images and know about the true tragedy of abortion. But apparently, Big Tech doesn’t think so. 


A pro-life group called LifeNews tweeted out a picture of one of the five babies. The group told MRC in an email that they explicitly added a sensitive warning over their post to alert users that the content was sensitive in hopes of avoiding Twitter’s censorship. Unfortunately, Twitter disagreed. Twitter told LifeNews to delete the tweet, locked LifeNews out of its account and threatened a permanent ban. 

Why? Because it showed the truth of abortion?



LifeNews told the MRC, “That's what makes Twitter's decision to force us to remove the tweet and potentially ban our account even more absurd, as we followed their own policies to ensure that a sensitive image was marked sensitive before posting it. We didn't just post it willy nilly with no warning like thousands of images of porn and violence are posted on Twitter every day with no action taken against those accounts.” 

LifeNews took the necessary steps to avoid censorship, and Twitter still attacked them. 

The Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising group, PAAU, posted about the five D.C. babies and was slammed with an account level flag. Now, nearly everything PAAU tweets is slapped with a sensitive content label, yet another attempt from Twitter to hide the truth of this D.C. travesty. 

It appears Big Tech doesn’t want people to know about the truth of these babies because that would cause people to see the horrific reality of what was done to these children. Pro-life content doesn’t fit with Big Tech’s leftist narritive. So, as a result, it is censored. 



This censorship undermines human life and needs to end. 

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