CensorTrack With TR: Facebook Nixes Heritage Action Video of Biden Quote

March 23rd, 2022 2:45 PM

It’s Episode 30 of CensorTrack with TR. This week we talked about how Facebook censored Heritage Action’s video compilation of President Joe Biden praising his anti-American energy plan. 

On March 10, Heritage Action, a grassroots advocacy subdivision of The Heritage Foundation, posted a video that showed Biden and administration officials advocating for an anti-American energy agenda. In 2021, Biden stopped the Keystone Pipeline XL project, which contributed to the ongoing surge in gas prices. The higher prices were inevitable given Biden’s halting of oil drilling on federal lands. 

Heritage Action simply pointed out what Biden once said, but Facebook fact-checking partner AFP labeled the post as “missing context,” and called posts linking the Biden administration to increased gas prices “mislead[ing].”

In an exclusive email to the MRC Free Speech America, Heritage Action Executive Director Jessica Anderson said, “Inflation and gas prices are going up at the highest rate since Jimmy Carter, yet big tech and the corporate media are busy playing defense for the Biden regime. Heritage Action used President Biden’s own words to expose his radical anti-energy, anti-American agenda, yet the ‘fact-checkers’ claimed we were ‘missing context.’”

Anderson pointed out that the only thing missing is “journalistic integrity” and noted that Americans won’t “fall for” Big Tech’s spin game. 

Big Tech is attempting to cover for Biden to further their overwhelming leftist narrative. They did the same thing in 2020 with the Hunter Biden laptop story. An MRC study found that the spread of the laptop story would have cost Biden the election.

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