Bozell Unveils MRC Exclusive on DHS Weaponization Against Christians, Conservatives, and GOP

May 25th, 2023 11:51 AM

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell appeared on Fox Business to unveil a new MRC Free Speech America in-depth exposé of government weaponization. The report reveals how the Biden Department of Homeland Security is using taxpayer dollars to destroy Christians, conservatives and the GOP.

Fox Business Host Maria Bartiromo asked Bozell about the report during the May 25 edition of Mornings with Maria. The report detailed how DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is comparing conservative groups with neo-Nazis and terrorists through a program meant to fight terrorism. “Tell us what you found and the so-called pyramid of far-right radicalization,” Bartiromo asked. A fired-up Bozell answered: “It's an astonishing find, Maria [...]  Look at that pyramid. This was a conference in December of 2021. In the first layer, you've got Heritage, Fox News, you've got Christian Broadcasting [Network], you've got the Republican National Committee. Already you've got more than half of America on the list.”

Bozell ripped Mayorkas for “taking government funding — meant to find terrorists — and he’s going after Fox News. He believes, Maria, that you’re a terrorist. I’m a terrorist. Anybody with the [Republican National Committee is] a terrorist. Anybody reading Breitbart.”

He later continued: “The second level [in the pyramid] torques it up — more dangerous groups: Turning Point USA, Tea Party patriots, PragerU, Breitbart, the American Conservative Union. Then the third level is pro-Nazi organizations and the top one is militant Nazi organizations. So, there you go, the pyramid, showing the progression of domestic terrorism.”

The Pyramid of Far-Right Radicalization was featured in a seminar hosted by a DHS-funded grantee, the University of Dayton’s PREVENTS-OH

Bozell went on to detail the MRC Free Speech America report. “There are 80 recipients of money so far. They’ve received $40 million in grants. We’ve done FOIAs in 31 of them. The University of Dayton -- none of them have wanted to respond. Here we go again. Recipients of public money won't tell the public what the money is for,” Bozell said.

DHS awarded $352,109 in taxpayer dollars to the University of Dayton after the private university used the pyramid in its grant application. “The University of Dayton wouldn't give it to us. We found the documents anyway,” the MRC president continued.

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