HYPOCRISY: As Google Makes AI, CEO Advises Pullback on AI Development

April 18th, 2023 5:33 PM

Google CEO Sundar Pichai didn’t see the hypocrisy of virtue signaling to CBS News about needing to pull back the reins on artificial intelligence development while his own company is in the midst of a push to generate the same technology to beat its competitors.

Pichai said in a 60 Minutes interview broadcast on Sunday that his AI concern is “the urgency to work and deploy it in a beneficial way, but at the same time it can be very harmful if deployed wrongly.”



Pichai did not sign a recent open letter from Big Tech CEOs, leaders and experts calling for a pause on AI. Google is also creating “radical” changes to its search engine in order to get ahead of AI tech rivals, according to The New York Times. Does Google want AI progress to be controlled by the government? It appears that Pichai is pushing for other companies to slow down AI development while simultaneously advancing his own AI tech.

“The left has never had a more powerful tool to accomplish its goals than AI,” said MRC Free Speech America Vice President Dan Schneider in a statement.

Discussing OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Pichai said, “You don’t want to put a technology out there like this when it’s very, very powerful because it gives society no time to adapt. I think that’s one—a reasonable perspective.”

Even Bloomberg conceded that Google itself is a tech leader in implementing AI across services including Google Assistant, Google Photos, and Google Lens. Yet the Google CEO had the audacity to pontificate about how AI can be problematic. “We don’t have all the answers there yet, and the technology is moving fast,” Pichai said. “So does that keep me up at night? Absolutely.” Not enough to stop Google from continuing to implement AI, though. Google’s excuse is that it’s supposedly more cautious in implementation.

The 60 Minutes host noted Google has “modified” its former motto of “Don’t Be Evil” under Pichai. The Google CEO said Google’s goal is, “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Sounds like Google is pushing to control more of the world’s information flow.

Pichai is clearly just paying lip service to a cautionary approach.

“I think that’s a reasonable perspective,” he said of the need to let society adapt to powerful tech like AI. “I think there are responsible people there trying to figure out how to approach this technology, and so are we.”

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