‘Suckers’: Hollywood Celebs View Trump Supporters As Gullible Fools

December 9th, 2020 3:57 PM

What’s angry, malevolent, unforgiving, verbally abusive, foul-mouthed, and fond of ranting on Twitter? If you answered a woke, leftist, Hollywood actor or director, you’re correct. 

Hollywood celebrities Rob Reiner, Chelsea Handler, Patton Oswalt and Dave Bautista were affronted by the tremendous support being given to Trump and the GOP. Convinced that no one in their right mind could back such monsters, the celebs concluded that the voters had been duped into electing these right-wing politicians, and they all took to Twitter to express their fury over the idiocy of the Trump fanbase. 

Filmmaker and Meathead Rob Reiner, director of the movies Stand by Me, When Harry Met Sally, and A Few Good Men, tweeted on December 5, “The ignorance of Trump’s cult followers is astounding. They’ve got a leader who steals from them and kills them. Suckers and Losers.”



Reiner was seething with so much rage that he failed to realize the fact that Joe Biden supported confiscating the guns of American citizens and killing American infants. “A leader who steals from them and kills them” is actually a perfectly applicable description for Biden. Who’s really an astoundingly ignorant sucker here?

Reiner isn’t the only one who thinks Trump fans are gullible fools. Actress and comedian Chelsea Handler, who recorded a couple of soft porn videos where she encouraged people to vote, was irritated at Trump adherents for supporting the president amidst his investigations of election fraud. She tweeted on December 6, “Trump supporters: how many Republicans have to tell you there was no election fraud for you to believe it? You choose to believe the one person who says it happened—who spray paints his face daily. And you guys just donated 207 million dollars so he can steal it from you.”



If she’s so confident there was no cheating, then she can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the spectacle of Trump’s lawyers making fools of themselves over fruitless investigations instead of spouting rubbish on Twitter.

Like Handler, actor and comedian Patton Oswalt was also angry at Trump fans who supported the president’s investigations of election fraud, and left some choice words on Twitter for them: “Death. Cult.”



So Trump supporters are a death cult, while the Democrat Party, which has many pro-abortion members, isn’t. Why do insults hurled from leftists always perfectly describe leftists?

In a tweet aimed at U.S. representative Matt Gaetz of Florida (who tweeted OPEN AMERICA UP!), actor and ex-wrestler Dave Bautista wrote that “It feel like every Trump loving Republican is auditioning for a reality show. And their naive ass supporters equate that to good representation. America is open bitch!! Why don’t you sensationalize safety and unity so we can be more open and stay open. You just suck Rick [middle finger emoji]”



Yeah, no Californian is feeling regret over voting for Gavin Newsom. And trying to get the businesses to reopen in order to help the livelihoods of struggling citizens is definitely a standard audition routine for TV series. 

Republicans and Trump supporters may be “suckers” to Hollywood hacks, but 17% of Biden voters were fooled into voting for him by the leftist news media. Bet that the celebrities won’t ever call them suckers.