Actress Jamie Lee Curtis ‘Degendered’ Oscar Statue

January 22nd, 2024 1:03 PM

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis mentioned on ABC's The View that she has "degendered" her Oscar statue and assigned it "they/them" pronouns. Curtis described the statue's home as devoid of any gender implications, adorning it with a 'they/them' button. She relates this to her support for her transgender daughter. Reports suggest the Oscar statue is likely modeled after Emilio Fernandez, a Mexican…

Afraid to Speak: Sharing My Story With Fellow Stutterer, Emily Blunt

January 17th, 2024 3:12 PM

Before anyone was “canceled” for saying a “wrong” thing, actress Emily Blunt and I feared speaking. “It was terrifying ... you’re just gripped with terror,” says Blunt in my new video. I also used to wake up scared, fearing I might have to do a few seconds of live TV. We feared speaking because we are both stutterers.


WashPost Religion Reporter Oozes Over Rob Reiner's 'God' Documentary

January 14th, 2024 3:00 PM

Washington Post religion reporter Michelle Boorstein offered the typical left-wing propaganda in promoting Rob Reiner’s new documentary warning of “Christian nationalism” overwhelming democracy. 


Lil Nas X MOCKS Christianity: Downs Communion Wine, Snacks on Wafers

January 11th, 2024 4:00 PM

Lil Nas X faced backlash for consuming communion wafers and wine on TikTok, an action many viewers perceived as mocking Christianity. Critics argued that such behavior towards other religions would likely be met with severe consequences. The video was apparently promoting his upcoming song “J Christ," the teaser of which features celebrity lookalikes. Critics anticipate the content will…


The Left’s Fantasy World: Eating Flesh, Dating Fake Ladies & Grooming

January 9th, 2024 4:21 PM

"Woke of the Weak" is a commentary platform offering critique on progressive ideas, believed by the author to be unrealistic.

Dylan Mulvaney 'Turns Heads' In 'Womanface' At Golden Globes

January 8th, 2024 12:06 PM

Dylan Mulvaney, known for his controversial persona, appeared on the Golden Globes red carpet in a pink dress, earning widespread attention. Mulvaney previously came under scrutiny for a failed marketing campaign with Bud Light, in which he dressed as a girl. Despite the controversy, Mulvaney has continued to receive support from Hollywood, but faced critical comments online. NCAA Champion…

Jerry Seinfeld Supports Israel Amid Tensions, Visits Tel Aviv

December 19th, 2023 4:43 PM

Jerry Seinfeld visited Israel with his family to show support for victims of Hamas' attacks. He met with Israeli hostages and missing persons' families, expressing a deep commitment to raising awareness. He received both praise and criticism on social media for his pro-Israel stance, with some denouncing his visit. Seinfeld has previously signed a letter urging Biden to act for the hostages'…

65-Year-Old Madonna Still Simulating Oral Sex, Masturbation on Stage

December 19th, 2023 1:56 PM

Christmas might be a time to focus on images of "Madonna and Child," but Bill Donohue of the Catholic League is once again calling out the aging pop tart's tawdry old pranks on the stage of her latest "Celebration Tour." 

Famous Actresses Apologize for Outrageous Comments on Israel-Hamas War

December 3rd, 2023 6:37 AM

Several famous actresses was apologizing for controversial remarks they made recently on the Israel-Hamas war. In a statement on Instagram, leftist Susan Sarandon is walking back remarks she made on November 17 at a "pro-Palestinian" rally in New York City, confessing she made a "terrible mistake" when she said Jews are “getting a taste of what it is like to be Muslim in this country, so often…

Beyoncé's Tour Film Is Screening In Israel, and Leftists Are TRIGGERED

November 28th, 2023 2:47 PM

Beyoncé is facing criticism from pro-Palestine supporters after news that her Renaissance concert film will be screened in Israel. These fans accuse her of being hypocritical, as they see her promoting other liberation causes but not standing with Palestine. Some have even canceled their tickets to her shows in protest. Critics are using social media to voice their disappointment, while others…


Rapper Cardi B Complains About NYC Budget Cuts: 'F**king Shambles'

November 20th, 2023 11:07 AM

Cardi B went live on Instagram to criticize New York City's proposed budget cuts, expressing her frustration with the potential negative impacts on schools, libraries, police safety, and sanitation. She particularly highlighted the cuts' likely disproportionate effect on poorer communities. She also condemned President Biden for implying that the U.S. is the greatest nation despite its issues…

Celebrity Political Drama Heats Up With Support & Hate for Trump

November 17th, 2023 11:40 AM

Rapper Azealia Banks expressed support for Donald Trump's humor and potential 2024 run, while other celebrities like Barbra Streisand and Cher threaten to leave the U.S. if he wins again. Twitter reactions show that many find these celebrity political statements exaggerated and entertaining, with a vast majority indicating they don't care about celebrity opinions on politics.

Attitudes of Gratitude and Ingratitude in a Dark Time

November 17th, 2023 11:24 AM

We have again entered the season of gratitude. You remember gratitude, don’t you? It was what we expressed before we became entitled. Last Saturday was the observance of Veterans Day, during which many thanked those who served in the military and have protected our freedoms. Next week is Thanksgiving when some people will thank God for the many blessings He has bestowed on America, despite our…

Singer Pink Plans to Pass Out Banned Books at Florida Concerts

November 13th, 2023 3:07 PM

Pink is a Punk.