Anne Hathaway: ‘ALL Black People Fear for Their Lives DAILY in America’

July 27th, 2018 1:49 PM

Racial discrimination expert and social justice knight Anne Hathaway is leading the Hollywood charge against “white privilege” in America.

Following the tragic, unprovoked murder of Nia Wilson in Oakland on July 22, Hathaway took to social media to unleash a scorching rebuke of white people for their inaction regarding racism in America. Noticing that the murderer, John Cowell, was white and that Wilson was black was all Hathaway needed in order to berate all white people in the country. “White people- including me, including you,” wrote the actress, “must take into the marrow of our privileged bones the truth that ALL black people fear for their lives DAILY in America.”

So despite the fact that Hathaway probably was not getting her 100% fear of death statistics from SurveyUSA, she also seemed to not realize that Cowell was mentally ill. Cowell’s family released a statement this week stating that their son has been suffering from bi-polar & schizophrenia for most of his life and “has not had the proper treatment.” Assuring that “this is in no way an excuse,” the Cowells reached out the the Wilson family saying “our hearts go to them & are mourning for your family.”

Nevertheless, (maybe because they think all white people are mentally ill), Hollywood quickly followed the actress’ lead, denouncing racist violence all across social media. Chika Oranika posted a widely shared video of a rap decrying racial discrimination, while Viola Davis proclaimed “at what point will it stop?” In addition Rose McGowan boldly stated, “Indoctrinated hate is a deadly weapon,” and many other celebrities aired similar thoughts.

The media also brought attention to Hathaway’s comments with sites like Yahoo, The Guardian, and Huffington Post doing stories on the actress' post. None of the reports mentioned Cowell’s mental illness.

Not that this is surprising. The left likes to ignore key facts in order to push the “black lives matter” movement (e.g. an overwhelming majority of African American murders in the U.S. are perpetrated by other African Americans). As long as they can push their white racism agenda and get people like Hathaway saying, “we must ask our (white)selves- how 'decent' are we really?” they don’t seem to care about the truth involved.