Vivica Fox Smears Ivanka Trump: Made Her Feel Like ‘The Help’ on 'The Apprentice'

July 7th, 2020 3:01 PM

The Black Lives Matter movement is trying its hardest to reframe every aspect of American life in a new racial light to manufacture grievances out of situations where there were none before. Its followers are doing the same. Consider folks like former QB Colin Kaepernick now calling the Fourth of July “white supremacist” or actress Vivica A. Fox revising her own interactions with the Trumps on the set of The Apprentice to make it seem like they were mistreating her and others on the basis of skin color. 

In an interview with The Guardian on Friday, the Independence Day actress discussed her loathing of the president, which apparently originated from her stint on the 2015 season of Trump’s mega-popular NBC reality series. She made wild accusations that the show runners pitted white women against black women and claimed that the Trump children, particularly Ivanka, treated Fox with disdain because of her race. 

Though an interview with Fox from the time of her Apprentice gig indicated that she harbored no ill will towards the show runners nor the Trumps at the time. Interesting, eh?

But last week Fox explained toThe Guardian that it was the “most racially-charged set I’d ever been on.” First of all, she recalled that during the season, “they’d pit Brandi [Glanville, star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills] against Kenya [Moore, from The Real Housewives of Atlanta] and I really felt there was a black v white thing going on.” Facts are based on how one feels, clearly. 

Fox also claimed that Ivanka Trump, as well as the other Trump children, treated her like “the help,” because of the “way they were raised.” Fox claimed that Ivanka Trump made subtle racial remarks to her when they met for the first time. Fox mentioned that Ivanka told the actress, “You speak very well,” and made it seem like that was a subtle dig against her race.

“But looking back, especially in the climate we’re in now, you’d be like: ‘C’mon girl. We went to school, too,’” Fox commented, though she mentioned that at the time of the meeting, she didn’t think “she meant it to be insulting.” So, Vivica is just assuming all this racial hurt that she admits probably wasn’t there at the time? 

An interview with Fox from 2015 doesn’t help her case, either. At the time she spoke fondly of Donald Trump to The Hollywood Reporter, stating, “I hate that Donald had to leave Celebrity Apprentice after such a stellar year that they had. The ratings were huge; everyone was talking about it.” The only negative thing she said was that she would not be voting for Trump for president, just because “he's a better businessman than he could be a political leader, in my honest opinion.”

She also told the outlet that her gig on Trump’s show helped her get cast on Fox’s Empire, telling THR that her time on The Apprentice “worked effectively.”

But cut back to 2020, when in the eyes of the left, Trump has become the most racist thing since Hitler himself, she has revamped her critique of the president and added that dash of BLM race-baiting. She told The Guardian that Trump “was obsessed with becoming president and I believe it was because a black man had done it.” She “believes?” So far, Vivica is the one fixated on color. 

And because of these trumped up racial charges, Fox expressed hope that Black Lives Matter – which she has “admiration” for – would “be his demise.” She added, “that and the way he’s handled this pandemic. He had no business getting into politics. It was just a notch on his belt. He didn’t know what it meant to hold that position.” Ok, I guess we’ll take her word for it. She’s not just another Hollywood idiot with a petty axe to grind, surely.