Pro-Life Enemies: Apple TV+'s 'The Morning Show' Heavily Pushes Pro-Abortion Agenda

September 19th, 2023 9:16 AM

Apple TV+’s Emmy Award winning drama The Morning Show has returned for its third season and wasted no time in dishing out leftist propaganda. Two episodes were released for the season premiere, and right from episode 1, “The Kármán Line,” a pro-abortion agenda was heavily pushed, as well as attacks on Texas and pro-life pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) - the latter of which they claimed are dishonest, “sick” and “insane.”

It's not surprising considering Planned Parenthood has openly revealed they have consultants in Hollywood whose specific goal is to promote their propaganda.

In the first episode, main characters Bradley (Reese Witherspoon) and Alex (Jennifer Aniston) are enjoying successful careers, with Alex heading The Morning Show and Bradley newly promoted as anchor for the UBA network’s evening news.

Bradley had plans to cover a story on medical abortions (carried out via pills rather than surgery). But, her boss tells her she can’t do the story because of her bias (she confessed on-air in season one that she had an abortion at 15), adding they need her to appear trustworthy to viewers, which Bradley takes umbrage to:

Stella: You're gonna have to punt the abortion piece.

Bradley: What?

Stella: I'm sorry.

Bradley: Medical abortions skyrocketed during the pandemic. The pills are the next front, Stella. We have to be leading this conversation.

Stella: Yeah. We covered SB4 and SB8. And everybody knows you're not neutral on this issue.

Bradley: Why? Because I have a personal experience with it? That means I can't report on it? That doesn't make any sense. Like...Yanko is a gun owner. Does that mean he can't report on school shootings?

Stella: You know it's not the same thing. If you cross the line and break local laws, you leave UBA open to a lawsuit, to advertiser boycotts. We can't afford it. I'm sorry. I really am.

Bradley: Wow. You know, we were supposed to change things, weren't we? You and me. That's why they brought us in. When I came in, they called me an upstart. And then you started, and they said, "You're gonna love her. She's such a disrupter." We were supposed to shake things up at UBA, and now look at us. Three years later, we're just status quo. "Kill this story. Tweak that copy. You can't say that on network television." Honestly, what the f*ck, Stella? It's like death by a thousand cuts.

Stella: Bradley, because of who you are, where you come from, you can speak to both sides of the country. There isn't another news anchor in America who can do that right now. And if this next election is contested, we need our viewers to trust you. All of them. That's what I'm trying to protect here.

Bradley: Got it.

Journalistic integrity is dead in the establishment media, and this scene shows exactly why. To them, it’s better to be an upstart and a disrupter pushing their beliefs rather than an unbiased source of truth presenting all sides fairly.

Later, Bradley vents to Alex, and when Alex offers her advice, there’s a suggestion there’s more abortion propaganda to come later this season:

Bradley: There's this woman in Texas. And she crosses over the border every single month into Mexico to get abortion pills for women who cannot drive hours to the nearest clinic. She's doing work that really matters. And I can't report on it.

Alex: You can't report on it, or you can't go down there and drive her yourself? You're evening news now, honey. You know, you're Dan Rather. You're Diane Sawyer. You've wanted this chair since you landed at UBA. I don't know why you don't try just sitting in it for a little while.

Bradley: I get it. I'm impatient, ungrateful.

Alex: Well, yeah, you are. But you're...also f*cking great at what you do.

Bradley: I just want my work to mean something.

Alex: The Supreme Court ruling in June? 2024 election? I mean, you are reporting on some of the biggest stories out there. Huge. I mean, I don't know. Maybe you just let this one go. I mean...we can't just... We can't fight every battle. We just can't.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that when the Dobbs decision was leaked in May 2022, the writers “revisited the script while in hard prep on the production to include Roe’s overturn…in a later episode of the season.”

After her conversation with Alex, Bradley calls Luna to let her know the story won’t be done after all:

Bradley: Hey, Luna, it's Bradley. Um, listen, I don't think that I'm gonna be able to make it to Texas. Just 'cause work has... It's just gotten a little bit complicated, and I'm sorry. I'm really, really sorry. But I want you to know something. I really admire you. I admire what you do. And when I was pregnant as a teenager, I knew that I could never tell my mother. And there was a woman like you, and she saved my life. I just wanted other women to know that there are people like you out there and that they don't have to feel alone. Again, I'm just... I'm sorry.

Abortion doesn’t “save” anyone’s life. It ends the life of an unborn child or children. What no one in the aforementioned establishment media or Hollywood talks about is helping women who need help choosing life. Should they just be left alone? Judging by this next scene, it would appear that’s exactly what they want:

Alex: This is what Bradley was talking about. I don't... How is this 2022?

Rena: It's, like, Twilight Zone crazy.

Chip: You should try to get some sleep.

Alex: Out of 120 abortion clinics in Texas, how many do you think are fake?

Chip: Uh...I don't know, like, 30?

Alex: According to this article, a hundred. A hundred clinics routinely lie to pregnant women about how far along they are, so that they think they're too late to terminate the pregnancy. I mean, they'll be three weeks along, and they'll tell them that they're eight weeks, because the cutoff is six weeks.

Rena: Wow. It's sick.

Alex: F*ckеd up.

Chip: That's... I mean, it's really horrifying, yeah. But where is this coming from right now? Are you spinning?

Alex: You read numbers like this, it's insane. It just pisses me off. You go to your doctor, you don't wanna be lied to.

Chip: I agree. We all agree. Things in Texas suck, lots of things. But maybe we just, like, I don't know, look forward to the barbecue.

Alex: Mmm. Yeah, it's delicious. Brisket roasted over the ashes of women's autonomy.

So, she’d rather the brisket be roasted over the ashes of dead babies instead? Lovely.

The “fake” abortion clinics mentioned are pro-life pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) or crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), which pro-aborts falsely claim lure women in under the guise of being an abortion clinic only to deceive them into choosing life.

In reality, they’re often the only place pregnant women in need can go for assistance to keep their baby or give it up for adoption, so they’re a threat to abortion clinics’ profits. I know about this issue because I lived it myself . Decades later, they’re still using the same tactics to attack PRCs/CPCs.

In addition, the claim that PRCs/CPCs are deceptive is complete projection on their part. It’s abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood that have been caught lying about the gestation and/or development of the baby. A woman I personally met said a Planned Parenthood counselor drew a pencil dot on a piece of paper to depict what her baby looked like, which she learned was a complete lie when she later took a human development course in college. This led to her have a nervous breakdown.

Then there are stories such as this fully formed baby boy, estimated to have been 30-36 weeks gestation, born into a toilet after his 18-year-old mother was told by Planned Parenthood her pregnancy was only 6 weeks along and then they prescribed a medical abortion. There are sadly many more such cases.

At the end of the episode, there’s a new development and Alex heads to Texas to report on Luna’s arrest:

Protesters: My body, my choice. My body, my choice.

Alex: I'm here in Del Rio, Texas, a small city on the US-Mexico border, where a 19-year-old woman is being held in this building since she was arrested late yesterday. She is part...

Police: Back it up. You need to clear the area.

Alex: She is part of an underground network of volunteers who have been bringing abortion pills from Mexico into the US. Medication abortion is safe, and it is effective, and here in the remote Rio Grande Valley often the only option.

Actually, no one can say medical abortions are safe because states aren’t required to report adverse effects, and many don’t submit any data at all. But from the data that has been submitted, dozens of women have been killed and thousands hospitalized by medical abortions, and there are extremely important risks women aren’t being informed of.

More in-depth information on medical abortions, as well as a docuseries detailing risks, can be found at this site.