‘New Amsterdam’ Wraps Anti-Gun Storyline in Racism: Whites ‘Conditioned’ to Be Racist?

April 28th, 2021 12:29 AM

NBC’s medical drama New Amsterdam concocted a plot that slammed both gun owners and critics of the rioting and violence that has broken out at Black Lives Matter protests as racist.

Tuesday's episode, "Disconnected," portrayed a white couple, Mr. and Mrs. Mulvane, as racists who “panic buy” a gun to protect themselves from “Black Lives Matter” protesters. Worse, when their daughter accidentally shoots herself, the father lies and claims it was a “drive-by,” saying the perp was "maybe black or Latino." As their child is taken into the operating room, the mother remarked that “[t]his is what happens when you defund the police”:



Mr. Mulvane: It happened so fast, I--I couldn't really see. I mean, it was such a blur, but maybe Black or Latino? I don't know. His hoodie was hiding his face.

Mrs. Mulvane: Oh, my God! Allison! 

Reynolds: Ma'am, ma'am!

Mrs. Mulvane: Mommy's here. 

Reynolds: I need you to keep your mask on until you're tested. Look, we're going to the or. The bullet's lodged near her spine. We're gonna do everything we can. We'll keep you posted. 

Mrs. Mulvane: This is what happens when you defund the police

While operating, Dr. Reynolds (Jocko Sims) examines the wound and can tell it was close range and reports it to social services. When he confronts the mother she admits to the accident, saying, "We only had that gun a month, okay? Allison must have found it when she ... It wasn't my husband's fault."

She goes on to blame the BLM protests:

It was the demonstrations. Black Lives Matter. The protesters. We were scared. You saw the news, they were smashing windows, burning property, beating people up. We just wanted to protect ourselves. But apparently not all lives matter.

After saving their daughter’s life, Reynolds chews the parents out for filing a false report based on race (a felony in NY) while having the "audacity to claim that all lives matter." He then wonders "if it's intentional on your part or you're simply conditioned" to be racist:



Reynolds: I think they'd like to speak with you.

Mr. Mulvane:  Wait, what? Why? 

Reynolds: Mr. Mulvane, you panic-bought a firearm and left it loaded and unlocked in the proximity of your daughter. And when she got hurt, you tried to cover it up by filing a false police report based on race, a felony in New York. 

Mr. Mulvane:  Wait, I—

Reynolds: No, I'm not done. Because then y'all had the audacity to claim that all lives matter while the police were combing the streets profiling Black and brown faces, faces like mine, which apparently don't matter enough to you. And here's what I don't get. What I will never get is if it's intentional on your part or you're simply conditioned, because you definitely aren't the first to falsely accuse a brother. And I doubt you'll be the last. This is the part where you thank me for saving your daughter's life. 

Mrs. Mulvane: We--we're not racists. 

In real life, being critical of or even frightened by violent social unrest does not always stem from racism. Neither does feeling the need to purchase a firearm for protection of one’s home or business. But the liberal drama New Amsterdam has gone all in supporting Black Lives Matter, calling out so-called “systemic racism” and portraying police as racist this season. "Disconnected" was just further proof how disconnected they are from reality.

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