‘New Amsterdam’ Trashes White, Male Doctors to End ‘Systemic Racism’

April 7th, 2021 1:33 AM

New Amsterdam’s Medical Director Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) is always on a mission. In the latest episode, "Why Not Yesterday," that aired April 6, the good liberal doctor is suddenly super woke and determined to end “systemic racism” at his hospital. 

After being told by the Chief Equity Officer that he is "New Amsterdam's biggest illustration of embedded systemic racism," he tries to offer his job to Dr. Helen Sharpe, a black oncologist and his Deputy Medical Director. She refuses, asking, "Do you not see the irony in asking someone who's suffering from systemic racism to also fix it?" Playing the race card is simply not a game anyone can win. Well, certainly not any anti-racist woke white folk.

He accepts the idea that white men are the problem, so one of the actions he undertakes is to trash an entire wall of photographs of old, white, male doctors, a marble bust and other items. As he goes, he denounces them as racists, sexists, misogynists or homophobes. 

A custodian helping him asks, “No disrespect, but how come all old-timey doctors were white dudes?” 

Max replies, “They weren't, but they were the only ones we hired.” 



Like many modern lefties, Max sees nothing redeemable in the life and work of any of those men. So he cancels much of the hospital’s history in his quest to right past wrongs.

But throwing them away was just a start. 

Max helps paint a “Black Lives Matter” mural on the floor in a hallway. Engrossed in his virtue signalling, he fails to put up a wet paint sign and literally harms a black person, causing Dr. Reynolds to slip and fall. Max also tries to propose a sort of “reparations” through voluntary 10 percent salary cuts for the highest paid white doctors, "We are going to take that money from our collective reductions and carefully redistribute it to the physicians of color who work in this hospital despite systemic pay discrimination." The doctors obviously reject his idea, pointing out “we didn't hand out subpar salaries.”

Eventually Dr. Sharpe calls him out for his frantic, “quick fix” ideas telling him he can’t solve the problem because "systemic racism isn't about you." She tells him that being an “ally” requires really listening to the people he wants to help and if he can't do that, then he's "just another semi-woke liberal with a white savior complex."

After that conversation, Max embarks on a "listening tour." Employees and patients complain to him, some about serious issues like misdiagnosis, but most were over microaggressions. For some reason, white women and the LGBTQ community were included in the "systemic racism" listening tour. 



Man 1: You sure you got time for this? 

Max: I got all the time in the world. 

Woman 1: I started treating patients here the same time as three other white residents, but you know how long it took the department chair to learn my name? Go ahead, guess. Then I'll tell you how long it took for him to stop calling me sister girl.

Woman 2: I'm not a female surgeon. I'm not a Puerto Rican surgeon. I'm a surgeon, and I'm one of the best. 

Woman 3: Nanny. Do you see children around me? I mean, I'm wearing my badge. Hello?

Man 2: I'm not the translator. 

Man 3: Listen, you don't have to speak Spanish to me all the time. I speak English. 

Man 4: It was misdiagnosed because the test didn't account for higher creatine levels in Black folk. 

Woman 4: And no matter how many times I tell 'em, "Yo, it's sickle cell," white doctors always have me take a drug test. Blamed it on insurance. I'm like, "For real?" 

Woman 5: How does a white male gynecologist know my pain better than I do? 

Man 5: Four generations U.S. My newborn does not need a tb shot. 

Woman 6: I don't have a green card, but I do have an American passport. 

Man 3: The only border I ever cross is New Jersey.

Woman 7: I didn't go to school for 12 years to learn how to smile more. 

Woman 2: When Dr. Reynolds made chair, do you think people asked if his dad was proud? 

Man 6: I see how they look at me the moment they hear my voice. 

Man 7: He said we can't all be enlightened as you about gender. 

Woman 8: Max, it's not really about remembering my pronouns. It's about actually believing me when I tell you who I am. 

Man 8: I don't know how many of us there are. 

Man 9: AIDS.

Woman 5: SIDS

Man 10: Mixed race.

Woman 9: Multiethnic. 

Man 10: None of the above.

Man 11: Indigenous? That can be from any part of the world. I am a Native American. 

Woman 10: People call me many things-- bitch.

Woman 6: Chola. Coon. Spook. 

Man 7: Fragile.

Woman 10: List goes on and on. 

Man 11: Other.

Man 10: Other. 

Woman 9: Other. 

It's revealed at the end that the reason Max went on this anti-racism spree is because that morning he saw a white man yell at a black mother for her toddler running around the subway and he realized that would never happen to his white daughter. This gets catastrophized to this mom "knowing there's always another guy who's ready to yell at her kid or make him feel small or one day... or one day kill him."

Of course, anyone watching tv would think that the deadliest, most ever-present threat to black children is white people, but this is simply not the case. Similarly, last week's episode, "Blood, Sweat & Tears," promoted the fallacy that anti-Asian crime is driven by whites. Just more proof that being woke makes you snooze on cold hard facts.

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