CNN’s Jake Tapper Apoplectic Over Musk Calling Out George Soros

May 18th, 2023 12:58 PM

A prominent leftist talking head at CNN just went all-in on a smear campaign, egging on his guests to paint Elon Musk as an anti-Semite for daring to call out leftist billionaire George Soros.

On May 17th, CNN anchor Jake Tapper spoke to CNN Analyst Sara Fischer and former Congressman Ted Deutch about three recent Musk tweets about Soros. After introducing leftist billionaire Soros as a “philanthropist”, Tapper said that Musk “launched a baseless twitter attack against George Soros, the progressive Jewish philanthropist, who has been the target of antisemitic conspiracy theories.” Tapper emphasized insane interpretations of Musk’s tweets on the leftist mega donor, including a tweet comparing Soros to fictional supervillain Magneto. While Tapper hid behind the words “critics say” and let his guests do most of his dirty work, he said this later in the interview:

“Its interesting, in terms of how Elon Musk has chosen to run the platform. He’s constantly engaging with people who are bad faith actors, I mean, people who subscribe to QAnon, people who are white supremacists, people who are focused on black-and-white violence, I mean he’s, people who criticize diversity in Hollywood casting, I mean these are choices he’s making.” No question followed, as Tapper was simply trying to elicit more criticism of Musk from his guests. 

CNN’s visual cues to their audience also spewed leftist propaganda. The chyron read “Elon Musk Baselessly Claims George Soros ‘Hates Humanity’”. This is in reference to a Musk tweet, where he says, in regards to Soros’ political motives, “You assume they are good intentions. They are not. He wants to erode the very fabric of civilization. Soros hates humanity.”

But beyond this, CNN repeatedly displayed pictures of Musk making the okay sign in the background of their interview. If normal people watched CNN, these would be completely innocuous, but instead they sent a clear message to CNN’s leftist audience. CNN has repeatedly informed viewers that the okay sign is a sign of white supremacy. 

When the conversation returned to Soros, Tapper at least had the decency to mention that Soros has poured money to elect radical leftist prosecutors and asked Deutch if stating this was antisemitic. Deutch responded that he isn’t going to “parse tweets and criticism of George Soros' ' before pivoting to parsing the “Magneto” and “Soros hates humanity” tweets.

Since Deutch was more interested in silencing the Twitter owner than in discussing Soros’ impact on our society, here are the facts. Soros has poured over $32 billion into his Open Society Foundation, which funds leftist causes in America and throughout the world. Soros' litany of leftist prosecutors he backs who share his soft-on-crime philosophy include individuals likes Andrew Warren, Kim FoxxLarry Krasner, and  Alvin Bragg. The consequences have been serious

While encouraging a criminal justice approach that makes Americans unsafe is serious, this is not the only reason why Soros might be said to “hate humanity.” Soros has also financed Planned Parenthood’s slaughter of millions of unborn babies, donating over $21 million to Planned Parenthood and affiliated organizations since 2016, while also donating tens of millions from 2000 to 2014. Soros has also donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to NARAL and four other organizations that promote abortion, while giving millions to another

Luckily, Jake Tapper now has a colleague who seems to understand Soros better. Listen to recently promoted anchor Kaitlan Collins’ thoughts on Soros below:

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