WATCH: Greg Gutfeld Torches the Woke ‘Bastards’ at Walt Disney Company

February 10th, 2023 11:43 AM

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld had a field day roasting the leftist C-suite hacks at the disenchanted Walt Disney Company for their ongoing obsession to out-woke themselves despite their bottom line taking a financial beating. 

Gutfeld blasted the “sad bastards” at Disney following news that the company was cutting 7,000 jobs and slashing $5.5 billion in costs during the Feb. 9 edition of Fox News’ Gutfeld. “This is what happens when you go woke — the saying is — ‘you go broke,’” Gutfeld said. “You can blame the cowardly execs who let the woke turn Disney into the joke it is now.”

The Fox News host mocked Disney’s $5.5 billion cost-saving attempt as “more than enough to pay for the sex change surgeries for the Pirates of the Caribbean.” 

Want to talk about “transitioning,” asked Gutfeld. “Forget Lia Thomas. Look at the Disney product. Gone are the days when their movies and cartoons actually taught children life lessons.”

Now, children are getting content like Disney’s recently released, hellish cartoon Little Demon that humanizes the antichrist child of Satan. They’re also getting reinvented, woke variants of shows like The Proud Family spewing anti-white hatred and calls for racial “reparations.”

Gutfeld took a facetious trip down Disney’s memory lane to emphasize his point: “Remember that wooden, peg-legged, lying little bitch Pinnochio? He taught children not to fib or you’ll get eaten by a whale and die!” Gutfeld then used the Pinnochio analogy to rip some of the most insufferable, woke lefties in Disney-owned television: “To be honest, I never understood what whales have to do with lying until I saw [ABC’s] The View.” Ouch. 


Disney’s antics in recent years have certainly warranted comedic mocking, given the asinine content that it's been spewing out like clockwork to infuse the next generation with leftist propaganda on politically-charged issues such as race and gender dysphoria. Disney+ series Baymax, for example, promoted the nutty idea that men can have periods. But despite projects like the rainbow mafia-inspired flicks Lightyear and Strange World having abysmal box office performances, Disney shrugged and continued force-feeding its business-killing, crazy agenda to children and families. Profits be damned!

MRC President Brent Bozell was featured in a newly released documentary by The Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights exposing the mind-melting ideologies behind Disney’s radical transformation away from its founder’s family-friendly vision. Bozell noted that Disney was once “one of the strongest brands ever in the world of entertainment. They threw it all away, deliberately.” Watch the trailer for Walt's Disenchanted Kingdom below.

Conservatives are under attack. Contact The Walt Disney Company at and demand the company stop shoving woke propaganda down the throats of children.