Conservative Group Wants Investigation Of Lyft’s Discrimination

July 29th, 2022 2:06 PM

Many large companies have expressed abundant support for women seeking abortions including Lyft, a cab-like ride service. As a result, America First Legal, a conservative legal group, asked the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to launch a civil rights investigation into Lyft’s abortion supporting policies, as Breitbart reported. 

Corporations Love Selling Their Soul To Moloch

The ‘Moloch 20’: Firms Who’ve Vowed to Help Employees Get Abortions

June 27th, 2022 11:58 AM

MRC Culture is keeping a running tally of companies offering to help employees from states where abortion is illegal to travel to murder their children. 


Poppycock! CNN Host Pressures Liberal Lyft President to Pull Out of GA

April 7th, 2021 2:33 PM

When you see segments like the one below, one has to wonder: How can CNN still call itself a serious news organization? This morning, CNN Newsroom anchor Poppy Harlow actively encouraged a left-wing boycott on the state of Georgia, just a few days after CBS faced backlash for doing this very same thing.

Lefty Media Slam ‘Parasitic’ Ridesharing Companies Like Uber

July 3rd, 2014 9:46 AM
As people celebrate freedom this Independence Day, the left continues to fight on behalf of an industry monopoly and against consumer freedom. Historically, liberals championed “trust busting” laws prohibiting monopolies. Since the monopoly in question is made up of union members, often in a government partnership to limit competition -- they cried foul. Just look at the upstart companies…