Radio Icon Rush Limbaugh Delighted MRC Galas: ‘Stay on the Truth’

February 17th, 2021 1:14 PM

Wednesday brought the sad news that conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh has passed away after a battle with stage four cancer. We at the Media Research Center were fortunate enough to have him attend three of our galas, including the MRC’s 30th anniversary in 2017. Introducing him, founder and President Brent Bozell praised, “Rush has been at our side from the very start, giving oxygen to…


Herman Cain Presents ‘Funny Clips’ at MRC’s 20th Anniversary Gala

July 30th, 2020 3:50 PM

Sad news came Thursday morning of the passing of Herman Cain. In 2007, Cain presented “funny clips” at the Media Research Center’s 20th anniversary gala featuring the “DisHonors Awards: Roasting the Most Outrageously Biased Liberal Reporters of 2006.”