PBS: Trump's Wild Gestapo Remarks vs. Biden Faces 'Jaded Electorate'

May 9th, 2024 6:10 AM

The “Politics Monday” segment of the PBS NewsHour, as hosted by substitute anchor William Brangham, was spicier than usual. Brangham found “controversy” on Trump’s side (no surprise there) but President Biden eluded blame for his poor polling -- blame a “jaded electorate” instead. Brangham: "It's already shaping up to be a busy political week, as Republicans navigate the fallout from…

Tara Setmayer MSNBC The Weekend 5-5-24

MSNBC Threat To Trump VP Picks: You Could End Up Being Executed!

May 6th, 2024 9:49 PM

On MSNBC's The Weekend, Tara Setmayer, a former congressional staffer turned member of the disgraced Lincoln Project, calls Trump's potential VP picks "despicable hypocrites, the worst people, Vichy Republicans." She says people should remember "what happened" to Vichy people, who were Nazi collaborators. After France was liberated, more than 10,000 Nazi collaborators were executed,…


NBC's Welker Asks Tim Scott SIX Times to Accept 2024 Election Results

May 6th, 2024 3:00 PM

Does anyone remember Kristen Welker -- in her short tenure at the helm of NBC's Meet the Press -- pushing around a Democrat to answer a question SIX times? Last December, Welker pressed Ron DeSantis six times to condemn Trump calling radical leftists "vermin." On Sunday, she was back on the anti-Trump train, demanding SIX times that Sen. Tim Scott pledge to accept the election results…


Sen. Tim Scott SCHOOLS CBS’s Robert Costa On, Well…EVERYTHING

February 18th, 2024 2:00 PM

Interviews, especially those of candidates and elected officials with their ability to filibuster and avoid answering questions, are often edited for brevity and clarity so as to accommodate production demands. But then there are those interviews that, upon further review, leave one with no other conclusion that they were edited in order to spare the interviewer further embarrassment. Such is…


Tim Scott Fires Back as Media Smear Black Conservatives as 'Grifters'

February 3rd, 2024 4:00 PM

In a sense, it is hilarious to watch. Completely un-self-aware, the liberals of ABC’s The View make it crystal clear that they view African-Americans as unable to think for themselves. They either support the Democrats, or they're "grifters." The Wall Street Journal editorial page used to call this "The Liberal Plantation." Woe betide any who have the nerve -- the nerve! --…


The View’s Black History Month: ‘Downward Spiral of Black Republicans’

January 31st, 2024 2:33 PM

In anticipation of the start of Black History Month on Wednesday, ABC’s The View decried “the downward spiral of black Republicans” and smeared ALL of them as “grifters” that would betray America and their race for “power.” They singled out South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, mocking and ripping his engagement to a white woman and claimed he would choose to placate former President “…


Journos Insult GOP Voters, Candidates After Iowa and New Hampshire

January 27th, 2024 8:00 AM

The following is just a small sampling of the worst media outbursts post the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary: 

S.E. Cupp Mike Leon CNN This Morning 1-25-24

S.E. Cupp Blast: Nikki Haley 'Has More Balls' Than Anyone In The GOP

January 25th, 2024 11:17 AM

On CNN This Morning, CNN political commentator S.E. Cupp says, "Maybe one of the only people who can sidestep the great emasculation of the GOP by Donald Trump is a woman. Maybe, just maybe, Nikki Haley has more balls than the rest of them."


Racist Hostin: Tim Scott’s Engagement Proves He’s a Puppet for Whites

January 24th, 2024 4:19 PM

Staunchly racist and anti-Semitic Sunny Hostin couldn’t find it in her to be happy and congratulate a relatively recent guest getting engaged to the love of his life. Instead, on the Wednesday episode of ABC’s The View, she decried Senator Tim Scott’s (R-SC) recent engagement to his fiancé Mindy, who happened to be white. According to Hostin, the whole thing proved he was a puppet…

George Conway MSNBC The Weekend 1-19-24

On MSNBC, Conway Rips Trump as 'Sociopath,' 'Moron' with 'No Strategy'

January 21st, 2024 6:22 AM

On MSNBC's The Weekend, George Conway, co-founder of the disgraced Lincoln Project denounces Donald Trump, hurling a string of epithets, including "psychopath, narcissistic sociopath, moron." He said he has "no strategy." But er, somehow he's dominating the GOP primaries and leading Biden in many polls.


Late Night 'Comedy' Bottom Ten Moments of 2023

December 27th, 2023 7:00 PM

It was a year of change for late night comedy. The Late Late show was cancelled by CBS after 5,300 episodes since 1995 after James Corden decided to return to England, Comedy Central’s The Daily Show used a series of temp hosts after Trevor Noah walked away at the end of 2022, CBS host of The Late Show Stephen Colbert finally stopped giving Donald Trump the He Who…


Election Interference! Big Tech Censors Biden Opponents 162 Times

November 28th, 2023 9:30 AM

Google, YouTube, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok each participated in election interference when they censored presidential candidates and particularly Biden opponents a total of 162 times.


Daily Show Slimes Scott as a 'Milk Dud-Looking Mother******'

November 14th, 2023 12:31 PM

Leslie Jones kicked off her second stint as temp host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show on Monday by attacking Sen. Tim Scott as a “Milk Dud-looking mother[bleep]” as he ended his presidential campaign.


The Lamest, DUMBEST 'Fact Checks' of the Third GOP Presidential Debate

November 9th, 2023 8:10 AM

One of the concepts that put Republicans on edge during live events is the leftist media promising "fact checking in real time." It always carries the potential to be even worse than their "fact checking" that isn't rushed. Here are some of the lamest, dumbest fact checks from the third presidential debate in Miami.