MSNBC Airs Threat To Possible Trump Veeps: You Could End Up Being Executed!

May 6th, 2024 9:49 PM

Tara Setmayer MSNBC The Weekend 5-5-24 The liberal media isn't waiting for Donald Trump to announce his running mate before going on the attack. MSNBC has aired a pre-emptive strike on all the potential VP candidates. And not only did it contain a vitriolic denunciation of them, but it also included a not-so-veiled threat of the most ominous sort.

Tara Setmayer, a former Republican congressional staffer turned member of the disgraced Lincoln Project, was a guest on Sunday's edition of MSNBC's The Weekend. Here's how she vilified the people whose names are apparently in the running as Trump's running mate:

"They're despicable hypocrites. These are the worst people, because Donald Trump couldn't become who he has become, the malignancy of Trump could not have spread like this without the enablers. 

"Plain and simple: these are Vichy Republicans. And for the historians out there, they will appreciate what happened to the Vichys during World War II."

"What happened to the Vichys?"

Readers will recall that during WWII, the Vichys were established in France as a puppet government of Nazi Germany. They were a government of Hitler collaborators.  And, to answer Setmayer, "what happened" to the Vichys? When the war ended, more than 10,000 were executed.

So Setmayer was sending a chilling threat to the potential VP candidates and anyone else who might "collaborate" with Trump: you might meet the same fate as the French collaborators with the Nazis!

And the liberal media denounces Trump's alleged disregard for the rule of law and threats against opponents?

Note: This wasn't the first time we've caught Setmayer jumping ugly against Republicans. Last year, when Ron DeSantis was riding high as a potential Republican presidential candidate, we noted Setmayer attacking his wife Casey as a "Serena Waterford wannabe."

As we wrote at the time:

"Waterford is the character from The Handmaid's Tale who has been described, in a website about screen villains, as "the cruel, fanatically religious wife of Fred Waterford, the dictator of Gilead."

Setmayer did stop short of recommending Vichy-collaborator treatment for Casey DeSantis.