WashPost, USA Today Sports Columnists RIP Tony Dungy as Bad Christian

January 27th, 2023 1:08 PM

Sports-section columnists can be the most aggressive liberal jerks in the opinion business. In Tuesday’s Washington Post, columnist (and University of Maryland journalism professor) Kevin Blackistone aggressively played guilt by association when Hall of Fame NFL coach and NBC football analyst Tony Dungy attended the March for Life last week.

Column: Reporters Are Repeaters as Biden Milks MLK Day

January 18th, 2023 6:20 AM

Many years ago, radical leftists accused reporters of being “stenographers to power,” but in the modern age, our elite reporters are only stenographers to one party, whether it’s in power or not. Just examine coverage of President Biden’s speeches for Martin Luther King Day.

USA Today Front Page Touts Indulgent Liberal Parents of 'LGBTQ Kids'

December 28th, 2022 5:21 PM

Is USA Today a News Paper? Or an Opinion Paper? The top of Wednesday's front page was dominated by a story by a columnist named Suzette Hackney touting how "Parents of LGBTQ kids beat the learning curve." They're "truly extraordinary" in their nurturing. 

Twitter Files: The Real News Is That the Left/Dems/Media Do Not Care

December 9th, 2022 10:17 PM

New Twitter owner Elon Musk gave reporter Matt Taibbi of Substack access to internal Twitter documents about the media platform’s decision to spike the Hunter Biden laptop story and about how “the Biden team” had a direct pipeline to Twitter executives. 

Press Petulant Over ‘Transphobic' Comic Site Babylon Bee's Twitter Win

November 20th, 2022 3:27 PM

Entrepreneur and Twitter-owner Elon Musk has said he bought the social media platform in the interests of expanding the scope of free speech, an issue politically relevant given the predicament of the Christian satire site The Babylon Bee, found guilty by Twitter of “hateful conduct” in March 2022 for its comedic post hailing the “transgender woman” (i.e. biological male) Rachel…

BREAKING: SCOTUS to Hear Case Testing Big Tech’s Beloved Section 230

October 3rd, 2022 12:04 PM

The leftist Big Tech overlords may finally face a day of reckoning as the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear a challenge to the Section 230 law that governs how tech platforms moderate free speech.


Pants on Fire: Lefty Media Mislead, Cheer Students Protesting Youngkin

September 27th, 2022 3:35 PM

On Tuesday, far-left students from across Virginia (and those looking to skip out on class) spilled out of their rooms and onto the streets in protest of Governor Glenn Youngkin’s (R-VA) new education policy on transgender students that ensures parents have a seat at the table. But when it comes to the media coverage, the liberals in the journalism profession have decided that Youngkin’s…


Tim Pool Calls NewsGuard a ‘Joke,’ ‘Not a Legitimate Agency’

August 17th, 2022 5:12 PM

Fox News “Unfiltered” host Dan Bongino asked podcast host Tim Pool about his website’s recent clash with NewsGuard. “I think it’s a joke,” Pool said. “They gave us a good rating, but it is not a legitimate agency.”


Woke USA Today Gives Unfunny Lecture on Modern Comedy

August 13th, 2022 1:10 PM

When historians reflect on the current state of free speech in America they’ll come away with two distinct impressions: 1. It was a terrible stain on a great country’s legacy. 2. The mainstream media played a pivotal role in speech’s decline.

Dan Wolken

Greatest Threat To College Football? It’s Climate Change!

August 4th, 2022 12:26 PM

It’s 23 days until college football season starts, and inquiring minds want to know who will make it to the postseason playoffs and who will win the Heisman Trophy, but a USA Today sports writer could not be bothered to address these or other, you know, football issues; he is way too busy spewing hot air about college football’s alleged greatest threat -- climate change! 

Transgender ‘Man’ Advocates For Abortion ‘Rights’

July 28th, 2022 9:37 AM

Mikko Galpin contributed “his” two cents for USA Today insinuating that abortion access and “gender-affirming care” are at risk post Roe and that they are “vital” for survival. 

Column: What Can't the Newspapers Put on Page One?

July 15th, 2022 6:01 AM

Way back in the 20th century, we learned in journalism classes that a news story assembles the facts in order of what’s most important to the public. But in this century, national newspapers too often assemble their information to pack a liberal wallop, and bury the information that, well – doesn’t serve the public, by their most compassionate “social justice” lights.


Reporters Insist: We Don't Have Bias or Double Standards

June 25th, 2022 10:00 AM

Under stern questioning from a caller about the media obsession with Russian collusion on C-SPAN's Washington Journal on Tuesday, USA Today White House correspondent Joey Garrison and Bloomberg congressional reporter Jarrell Dillard insisted they try to hold all politicians accountable and don't have biased double standards. 

STUNNING! NewsGuard Rates USA Today PERFECT — Even After Scandal

June 24th, 2022 10:12 AM

USA Today recently removed over 20 articles after publication leadership found one of their reporters fabricating sources. Yet biased ratings firm NewsGuard still gives USA Today a stunning 100/100 score for “credibility,” even after acknowledging the…