Adrian Wojnarowski

ESPN Reporter Attacks GOP Senator Over Letter To NBA

July 11th, 2020 2:20 PM

ESPN's insane business model is to use television, radio, websites, social media and the ESPY Awards to insult its ever-shrinking consumer base. This bizarre strategy makes social justice friends, while lowering viewership to pathetic levels. Sports reporter Adrian Wojnarowski just joined ESPN's club of political firebrands by telling a Republican member of the U.S. Senate to “fuck off,” and…

Black Sports Writer Slams Kaepernick’s ‘Systemically Racist’ America

July 8th, 2020 9:00 AM

More than ever, our current social climate is proving that stories are the most powerful form of communication. Stories allow people to feel the emotion, and gravity, of certain situations. Stories are so powerful that they can convince people to ignore facts and statistics when they don’t fit a particular narrative.


#FakeNoose: ESPN’s Will Cain Indicts the Media and NASCAR

June 25th, 2020 7:00 AM

“Huge, if true.” Those are three of the most rare words used by the media today. For those who have not turned on the news recently, NASCAR called the FBI to investigate a potential hate crime committed against the only black driver in the sport, Bubba Wallace, when it was claimed a noose was found in his team's garage.

Dr. Harry Edwards

ESPN Guest Accuses U.S. of Slavery, Demands Nobel Prize For Kap

June 22nd, 2020 3:03 PM

A long-time driver of social justice activism in sports, Dr. Harry Edwards appeared on ESPN's First Take television program Monday morning. Treated with great reverence by co-hosts Stephen A. Smith and Molly Qerim, the emeritus professor of sociology at Cal-Berkeley offered no shortage of incendiary remarks.


ESPN's Woke ESPYs Did Not Disappoint

June 22nd, 2020 7:37 AM

“I think the hardest thing to be, in 2020, is reasonable. To be reasonable in an unreasonable time is a true mark of rebellion right now; that is defiance. It’s in short supply.”


ESPN Host Compares Racism in ‘Liberal Boston’ to Selma

June 15th, 2020 7:00 AM

The Boston Red Sox joined many organizations in releasing a public statement about nationwide racial tensions over the last few weeks. And to ESPN host Michael Wilbon, it was long past due for the infamously liberal city to "own" their racism.

Michael Eaves, left, Stephen A. Smith, right

ESPN Torpedoes Its Audience With 'WokeCenter' Programming

June 13th, 2020 1:02 PM

By force-feeding its viewers an unwanted diet of systemic racism and social justice, ESPN has thinned its viewership to an all-time low. The blundering miscalculation sank ESPN's audience this week to the lowest numbers in its 41-year history. Good luck defending this hair-brained strategy to your advertisers, ESPN.

Sports Media Veering Deeply Into Social Justice

June 9th, 2020 12:38 PM

ESPN is not a political network, says its president, Jimmy Pitaro. Like heck it's not! The network has used the George Floyd story to completely go off the rails, veering far out of its lane and abandoning all pretense of sticking to sports. In a revealing Washington Post story, Ben Strauss reports ESPN has thrown its full capacity into covering the protests, through a sports lens and…

First Take co-hosts Stephen A. Smith (left) and Max Kellerman (right) flank guest Lenard McKelvey

ESPN Guest: America 'Earned' Looting, Rioting, Burning

June 1st, 2020 6:22 PM

Author and radio host Lenard Larry McKelvey, known professionally as "Charlamagne tha God," went H. Rap Brown on ESPN's First Take television show Monday. He claimed America earned every bit of the social unrest over its 400 years of white supremacy. The militant Brown said during the racial unrest of the 1960s that if America doesn't come around we will burn it to the ground, and…

Trump-hating Progressive Power Couples To Host 2020 ESPYs

May 27th, 2020 10:00 AM
The 2020 ESPN "ESPY Awards" show this summer is bound to be a politically charged event. How can it not be with Megan Rapinoe, Sue Bird and Russell Wilson hosting the remote event? It's an election year, all three of these Seattle area progressives have a history of political activism and the ESPYs have provided "home field" for the likes of Michelle Obama and Caitlyn…

Obama Disappointed About Jordan's ‘Republicans Buy Sneakers Too’

May 5th, 2020 9:00 AM
In this time without live sports, the country has been looking for anything possible to fill that void. Similarly, sport media has been looking to find new ways to fill air time. One of the largest ways they have been doing this is by releasing new documentaries, such as ESPN’s The Last Dance. 

ESPN's Smith Accuses MLB of Racism Over Cheating Scandal

April 25th, 2020 10:00 AM
Ranting on ESPN's First Take show Thursday, Stephen A. Smith accused Major League Baseball of racism in its punishment of sign stealing offenders. The sports media blog Awful Announcing roasted him for the bizarre accusation, calling his claim "quite a stretch."

World Ending, But At Least ESPN's Not Sticking to Sports!

April 8th, 2020 10:10 AM
Sports media, President Donald Trump, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and anyone else hinting at a fall return of sports took a brutal beating from Jay Mariotti in a Monday post on Barrett Sports Media. With carnage on the streets and the world nearing its end, this is absolutely the worst time in history to stick to sports, the bombastic Mariotti vented.

'Blacketologist' Charts Black-Coached Teams' Paths to NCAA Tourney

March 12th, 2020 10:00 AM
Just imagine if a white sports writer penned a piece on the probability of college basketball teams coached by white guys making it into the NCAA Tournament field. And then obsessed on precisely what these white coaches would need to do to get their teams into the tourney field. The writer would be denounced as a "white supremacist," then quickly tarred, feathered and fired faster than…