OutKick’s Clay Travis: ‘Woke Disney is in Trouble’

July 26th, 2023 10:09 AM

OutKick founder Clay Travis laid into the woke hacks at Disney for a series of unforced rainbow mafia ideology-driven errors that have devastated the entertainment giant’s finances and future. 

Travis had some harsh words for Disney on the July 25th edition of OutKick the Show , “Woke Disney is in trouble, okay? Stock price is the same it's been for nine years. The theme parks are hitting decade lows in attendance.  They shut down the Star Wars Hotel, which is unheard of at Disney World. The number of subscriptions to Disney+ is declining. ESPN’s subscriber base is collapsing. Indiana Jones — the newest one — is going to lose $100 million or more; the worst Pixar movie for box office revenue of all time. All of these are disasters.” In Travis’ view, “It’s a sign of creativity failure.”

When Travis states that Disney’s stock “is the same it's been for nine years,” he’s not kidding..  On March 8, 2021, Disney’s stock reached a close of $201.91 a share, the same month that Disney announced its opposition to the Parental Rights in Education Act, which protected children from being exposed to sexualized content in Florida.  After its struggle with Florida’s state government, a number of radically woke shows on Disney+, some horrifying leaked footage about corrupting messages in Disney programming, and the series of train wrecks mentioned by Clay Travis, Disney stock closed at an abysmal $85.63 on July 25th. That’s worse than when Disney stock fell to $85.98 for its worst close of the 2020 pandemic on March 20, 2020.

On Twitter, Travis predicted that the 2024 live-action remake of the iconic 1937 film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs would be the latest flop. Travis wrote, “Prediction: This Snow White movie is going to be the bomb that makes it impossible to argue Woke Disney isn’t in severe trouble as a brand.”In addition to putting a feminist spin on the story, the movie will reportedly feature “magical creatures” instead of dwarfs, most of whom are relatively tall according to leaked footage. 

Conservatives are under attack! Conservatives are under attack. Contact The Walt Disney Company at TWDC.corp.communications@disney.com and demand the company stop shoving woke propaganda down the American people’s throats.