Avlon Praises Biden's 'Bipartisanship' Amid 'Farcical Impeachment

September 29th, 2023 12:07 PM

CNN senior political analyst John Avlon gave an unofficial donate to Biden 2024 on Friday’s CNN This Morning as he hailed his Thursday speech “about threats to democracy” and “bipartisanship” while Republicans launch their “farcical impeachment inquiry.”


'This is Iranian Money,' CNN Attacks 'The Right' For Condemning Bribe

September 12th, 2023 10:56 AM

Chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour joined Tuesday’s CNN This Morning to celebrate her 40 years at the network as well as to discuss current foreign policy issues including the Biden Administration’s $6 billion hostage bribe to Iran, which for her and co-host Poppy Harlow is no big deal because it “is Iranian money” and shows conservatives are hypocrites.


CNN Tries to Claim Mexico, Not the U.S., Is 'A Beacon of Human Rights'

September 7th, 2023 11:45 AM

CNN’s week of abortion promotion continued on Thursday’s CNN This Morning as correspondent Rosa Flores joined the show to suggest that Wednesday’s ruling by the Mexican Supreme Court decriminalizing abortion now means that country is more of a  “beacon of human rights and women’s rights” than the United States.


Study: Nothing Is a ‘Bombshell’ When It Comes to Biden

August 29th, 2023 1:17 PM

Journalists’ efforts to sanitize President Biden’s scandals extend beyond what they do or don’t cover. Take, for example, the media’s use of the term “bombshell” to describe political scandals. Journalists almost never use this descriptor in reference to scandals which are politically damaging to Democrats. Meanwhile, they apply the term liberally when discussing Republicans.


CNN Considers Bringing Back Masks: 'We're At An Inflection Point'

August 23rd, 2023 10:00 AM

It may be August of 2023, but the media still can’t quit COVID alarmism. The latest COVID freak out came on Wednesday’s CNN This Morning as the assembled cast wondered whether it was time to bring back masks.

CNN Legal Analyst: DOJ Made 'An Unholy Mess' of the Hunter Biden Probe

August 22nd, 2023 10:38 PM

The top-left headline on the front page of Monday's New York Times pushed "How Plea Deal Went Off Track for Biden's Son." ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS couldn't find this story on Monday, but CNN legal analyst Elle Honig addressed it several times on Monday. On CNN This Morning, co-host Poppy Harlow described the Times piece as a "bombshell" -- a word usually reserved for Trump-…


Ankle Biter: CNN Cheers Trump Hurting Fox News By Skipping GOP Debate

August 21st, 2023 2:00 PM

Chronically the third-place cable news outlet, CNN was the little goblin biting at the ankles of Fox News, the cable news giant. So, of course, it brought CNN great joy to see that former President Trump had chosen to avoid taking part in the first Republican presidential debate, which was hosted by their rival. Senior media correspondent Oliver Darcy beamed on Monday as he boasted about Trump…


CNN Declares The Goal Of CRT Bans Is To Make Children Dumber

August 16th, 2023 10:36 AM

The Wednesday edition of CNN This Morning reacted to the news that Arkansas will not be offering AP African American Studies for graduation credits by tying the move to Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s campaign against Critical Race Theory and everyone from the former Democrat, supposed fact checker, and Republican deputy chief of staff all agreed: Republicans want children to be dumber…


CNN Cries 'Way Too Late' on Red Cross Allowing Gay Male Blood Donors

August 13th, 2023 7:01 AM

This week CNN anchor Poppy Harlow again showed excitement about the trend toward allowing gay men to donate blood, but she also took the time to lament how long it has taken for the pet liberal cause to advance.


CNN Touts ‘Moderating Inflation Picture’ that Excludes Energy and Food

August 11th, 2023 11:11 AM

On CNN This Morning’s Thursday program, anchor Victor Blackwell brought CNN business correspondent Rahel Solomon on the show to discuss the July inflation report. Amid much praise of how well the economy had purportedly been doing, Solomon emphasized the “moderating inflation picture” in comparison with past months, and the “core inflation” that removed some of the most relevant factors, such…


CNN Promotes Illinois Governor Pushing Abortions as a Hero

August 10th, 2023 5:58 AM

On Friday's CNN This Morning, co-host Poppy Harlow treated Governor J.B. Pritzker (D-IL) to an interview in which the Democrat governor encouraged women to visit his state to have abortions, promoting Illinois an "oasis" for "reproductive rights." She even pressed him on whether President Joe Biden should be doing more to speak out against Republicans on the issue.


Spiking Football: CNN Lengthily Celebrates Ohio Amendment Vote Results

August 9th, 2023 11:38 PM

After the results of Tuesday night’s vote on Ohio’s ballot measure to raise the required percentage for constitutional amendments, framed as a referendum for an upcoming abortion amendment, Wednesday morning’s CNN This Morning featured five segments that totaled over 22 minutes of celebration of the proposal being turned down.


CNN Decries GOP Criticizing Kamala While White House Promotes Her Work

August 7th, 2023 9:51 PM

On CNN This Morning this Monday, anchor Victor Blackwell lamented that “Republicans are zeroing in on” Vice President Kamala Harris as part of their 2024 framing, noting that “a vote for President Biden is a vote for Vice President Harris” because of Biden’s age. 


CNN: Hunter Is Less Connected to Biden than Trump Is to His Children

August 1st, 2023 6:57 PM

Devon Archer testified on Monday that his former business partner, Hunter Biden, called then-Vice President Joe Biden during business meetings to “sell the illusion of access to his father” and America’s government. Tuesday’s CNN This Morning dismissed Hunter’s use of his father’s position as vice president for business advancement as typical political behavior, more suitable than…