One Last Gasp: ‘Democracy’ and the Lives of ‘Our Children’ At Stake

November 8th, 2022 4:44 PM

The following are just a few of the media’s most frantic takes in the closing weeks and days before Election Day.


Wacky MSNBC Host Says ‘Inflation’ Issue Concocted by GOP

November 4th, 2022 9:24 PM

If you were planning on voting against the Democrats next week because their hyper-spending has led to the worst inflation of the last 40 years, you’ve fallen for a GOP scam, MSNBC host Joy Reid suggested on Thursday. Reid weirdly claimed “inflation” was a word that no one other than an economist or journalist had used before this campaign, and it was “taught” to voters by Republicans so it…


MSNBC: Media Treat Elections as a Game, Democracy Dies if GOP Wins

November 2nd, 2022 11:02 PM

On Wednesday night's edition of The ReidOut on MSNBC, "Country Over Party" founder, and frequent MSNBC guest Matthew Dowd joined host Joy Reid in trashing Republicans and praising President Biden's speech on apparent threats to democracy that the Republican Party supposedly poses. Dowd expressed his concerns over what could happen if Republicans win in next Tuesday's midterm elections…


Joy Reid & Hillary Clinton Shriek Over 'Violent Fascist Republicans'

November 1st, 2022 10:08 PM

On Tuesday’s edition of MSNBC’s The ReidOut, host Joy Reid spent almost the entire first half hour of her show talking to former First Lady and failed two-time presidential candidate Hillary Clinton about how the Republican Party is nothing but a fascist cult that promotes violence against their political opponents. 


Reid Accuses GOP of Rigging Polls to Create Narrative of a Red Wave

October 31st, 2022 11:49 PM

On Monday night, MSNBC’s Joy Reid went full-blown conspiracy kook during her show The ReidOut. She was apparently wearing her tin foil hat so tight that it was cutting off her circulation because she claimed with a straight face that over half of the midterm election polls published over the last few weeks are Republican polls that are skewed to create a media narrative that a red…

Like ‘Hell’: Leftist Media Meltdown About Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover

October 28th, 2022 3:38 PM

“It’s like the gates of hell.” Leftist media have already gone into full meltdown mode on Twitter after pro-free speech Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s purchase of the platform officially went through.


Desperate Media’s Final Scare Tactic: GOP Will Destroy Democracy!

October 27th, 2022 9:15 AM

The following are just a few of the most outrageous examples of the liberal media trying to scare their viewers into voting for leftist candidates, lest the GOP put a nail in the coffin into democracy.


MSNBC Worries 'Mainstream Media' Coverage Will Drive Latinos to GOP

October 25th, 2022 9:32 PM

Tuesday night’s edition of MSNBC’s The ReidOut went out on the road to Fort Worth, Texas as part of the network’s ongoing midterm election coverage. After interviewing Texas Democrat gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke and other Democrat Party activists, Reid turned to former San Antonio mayor Julian Castro to get his take on the ongoing trend of hispanic voters abandoning the…


Reid Warns Of Fascism, Dowd Of Nazis Amid Inflation Concerns

October 25th, 2022 10:51 AM

Democrat-turned Republican-turned independent-turned Democrat Matthew Dowd joined Joy Reid on Monday’s edition of The ReidOut on MSNBC to declare that while he wasn’t calling Republicans Nazis ahead of the midterms, he couldn’t help but notice the similarities, especially amid all the concerns about inflation.

NewsBusters Podcast: Joyless Joy Reid Lies Without Shame

October 21st, 2022 12:37 PM

MSNBC host Joy Reid is one of those talk show hosts who cannot be accused of caring about the truth. She wildly attacks conservatives and Republicans in the most obviously false ways. 


Reid: Florida A Jim Crow State, DeSantis Doesn't Want Blacks Voting

October 19th, 2022 11:34 PM

On Wednesday night's edition of MSNBC's The ReidOut, host Joy Reid opened the show by lashing out at Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis for daring to enforce the laws of his state and not allow violent felons to illegally vote in elections. Reid who presumably wants violent felons to be allowed to vote melted down and accused Florida of being a Jim Crow state. 


MSNBC: White Republican Men Don't Know How Babies Are Made

October 18th, 2022 11:22 PM

On Tuesday evening's edition of MSNBC's The ReidOut, host Joy Reid and Democrat Party strategist Kurt Bardella smeared the entire pro-life movement by claiming that "white Republican men have no idea how a baby is actually made." This comes from the party that doesn't know what a woman is or when life begins. 


Vile MSNBC: Pro-Lifers Want to Control Women, Have Sex With Minors

October 5th, 2022 11:40 PM

Joy Reid is so hateful that she spent an entire segment Wednesday night on her MSNBC show The ReidOut smearing pro-life conservatives and accusing them of really just wanting to control women. She even used a decade-old out-of-context soundbite from Daily Wire host Matt Walsh to claim conservatives want to get young girls pregnant so they don't go to college and compete with men in…


Joy Reid Smears DeSantis As a 'Segregationist' for Anti-Looting Remark

October 2nd, 2022 7:19 AM

On Saturday, MSNBC host Joy Reid jumped on her Twitter account to smear Gov. Ron DeSantis as a "segregationist" for warning any looters in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian that they should remember they might face armed resistance since "we're a Second Amendment state."