'Jane' Strikes Again: Michigan Pregnancy Center Latest to be Attacked

June 22nd, 2022 10:41 AM

Last week a prominent abortion activist group called “Jane’s Revenge" promised more attacks on pro-life centers and affirming establishments. Sunday’s performance yet again proved that some abortion activists truly believe violence is the answer. 

Washington Stand Tallies 41 Heinous Attacks on Life Affirming Groups

June 14th, 2022 9:38 AM

On May 2, a leaked U.S. Supreme Court draft was leaked. The draft indicated that the Court plans to overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. Since then, there have been attacks on life affirming organizations every week and in total, 41 separate incidents, according to The Washington Stand. 


NY Pregnancy Center Vandalized: 'Jane Was Here'

June 8th, 2022 2:15 PM

Pregnancy centers and churches around the nation have been under physical attack by the leftist mob of abortion activists, last night was yet another vile strike. 


BREAKING: Murder Attempt on Pro-Life SCOTUS Judge Brett Kavanaugh

June 8th, 2022 12:41 PM

Early this morning, a man was arrested after carrying at least two weapons near Brett Kavanaugh’s Maryland home with an attempt to kill the judge. Kavanaugh has been under the scrutiny of the left as of late due to his pro-life views amid the U.S. Supreme Court pending Roe v. Wade decision. 


Abortion Activists Strip Down to Undies at Texas Church Service

June 6th, 2022 4:56 PM

Remember when church used to be a sanctuary of joy, peace, and the abounding love of Christ? Well in Houston, Texas, that picture of church was disturbed by deranged leftists. 


Vile Displays & Ignorance on Parade at 'Bans Off Our Bodies' Rally

May 19th, 2022 9:15 AM

On May 2, 2022, a draft opinion regarding the reversal of Roe v. Wade was leaked from the Supreme Court. As a mark of disapproval, Planned Parenthood and a bunch of other abortion facilities, coordinated a nationwide event called “Bans Off Our Bodies” on May 14.

Women's March: BOOB Morphs into 'Summer of Rage'

May 17th, 2022 3:13 PM

Angry pro-abortion women and men came together across the country to protest the possible overturning of Roe v Wade last Saturday. The event was called “Bans Off Our Bodies Day of Action for Abortion Rights.” Shortened, the moniker is “Bans Off Our Bodies.” The acronym is BOOB. Really?

Leftists Bury Another Norm: Protesters Target Homes of SCOTUS Justices

May 17th, 2022 10:26 AM

After angry public reaction to the leaked Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito draft opinion on reversing Roe v. Wade, Justice Clarence Thomas said: “We are becoming addicted to wanting particular outcomes, not living with the outcomes we don't like. We can't be an institution that can be bullied into giving you just the outcomes you want. The events from earlier this week are a symptom…

Why Mother’s Day Weekend?

May 11th, 2022 6:32 PM

Irony doesn’t begin to explain why pro-choice activists chose Mother’s Day weekend to picket the homes of Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Chief Justice John Roberts, who appear ready to overturn Roe v. Wade. In an age when there appear to be fewer consequences for violating moral or statutory laws, demonstrators and protesters outside the Supreme Court building seem to have violated at…

WashPost Puffs Kavanaugh Neighbor Organizing Protests Outside His Home

May 9th, 2022 6:58 PM

The Washington Post has a bad habit of applauding rudeness – when it’s “progressive.”  For Monday's paper, Ellie Silverman, a reporter covering “protest movements,” penned a salute to Lacie Wooten-Holway, a neighbor of Justice Brett Kavanaugh who organized "doomsday" pro-abortion protests in front of his house.


Doocy GRILLS Psaki on Lib Mobs Harassing SCOTUS Homes, She Shrugs

May 5th, 2022 8:16 PM

The Psaki Show got off to a late start Thursday, owed to Jen Psaki announcing she’s leaving the press secretary position (while still playing coy about going to MSNBC). Despite this delay, Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy grilled her on the issue of leftist activists doxxing the conservative Supreme Court Justices and planning to assail their homes (opening them up to possible…

Deluded NYT Tells Biden: Embrace Climate Extremism or Lose Youth Vote

April 24th, 2022 4:14 PM

As Earth Day came and went, the New York Times still insists the Democrats can ride to victory on the issue of climate change – or at least warn the party is doomed if it doesn’t embrace extreme measures touted by…a high school student? That was environmental reporter Lisa Friedman’s spin in Saturday edition, “Frustrated by Inaction, Climate Activists Plan Rallies Across Country.” …

NY Times Pounces on COVID Mandate Protests Outside Officials' Homes

April 5th, 2022 2:02 PM

The hypocritical New York Times refuses to fairly cover conservative protests against mask and vaccine mandates and other overzealous pandemic restrictions, and continues to smear mandate protesters as extremist disruptors, as in this recent post: “Mandates are ending in the U.S., but protests outside officials’ homes continue." It’s far from the soft-soap Times reporters…

Column: Allergic to the 'So-Called Freedom Convoy'

February 25th, 2022 5:57 AM

Something caught my ear in the car, listening to a radio simulcast of the February 21 PBS NewsHour. Anchor Judy Woodruff drily reported that “Canadian police have arrested more than 190 protesters and issued 389 charges in connection with the so-called Freedom Convoy.”