At Memories Pizza, New Threats Arise; Press's Determination to Ignore Them Continues (See Update)

April 2nd, 2015 10:41 PM

Update, April 3: The Indiana man who claims to have been hacked now admits that he wasn't, but says he was "joking" about robbing Memories Pizza, and is threatening to sue those who exposed his (ahem) public comments. 

Those of us following the Memories Pizza story won't have trouble remembering it as the years go by, thanks only partially to the Walkerton, Indiana store's fairly unusual name for a pizzeria.

What will also easy to recall are the "memories" of the unhinged and threatening leftist behavior that accompanied its owner's simple statement that, if the request ever arose, they would have to turn down catering a same-sex "marriage" because participating in or supporting such a ceremony violates their firm Christian religious beliefs — and the press's attempts to cover up what their journalistic malfeasance unleashed.

At last count, we had:

  • a tweeted wish to organize a group to burn the store down — a tweet described only as "mean" by the station responsible for the original ambush story.
  • a separate threat to the GoFundMe organizer who has a orchestrated a campaign which had raised over $379,000 for Memories as of 9:30 p.m. ET.
  • and, to top it off, another threat, by someone who now laughably claims he was hacked, to steal from the O'Connors the money that has been raised.

The tweeted threat to burn down the store has been around since Tuesday night, but its description by Aaron Ramey, the news director at ABC 57, the TV station whose ambush "what if" interview started all of this ugliness, is less well-known, and deserves further exposure:

Teacher suspended for mean tweet about pizza place who won't cater gay weddings — AaronRamey (@adramey)

As a reminder, here's that "mean" tweet:


As RB Pundit noted, "A mean tweet is me saying you're a moron. She was recruiting for arson."

Ramey has since deleted his, well, moronic tweet.

Today, we learned that Lawrence B. Jones III, who along with talk radio host Dana Loesch launched and promoted the GoFundMe effort on behalf of Memories, has also received threats to himself — and his mom:


Now that the GoFundMe campaign has been so wildly successful, the next "logical" step, if you reside in the leftist fever swamp, has to be to threaten to take the money raised.

An Indiana man is furiously backtracking from a tweet sent from his account, claiming that he was hacked. Apparently he has been able to delete that tweet before anyone took a shot of it. Sadly, for him, he can't do anything about the hateful comment he posted on the GoFundMe comments page — because Chris Loesch, Dana's husband, captured it:


That's a specific threat to commit a crime — far from a trifling matter.

If any of this gets into the establishment press, I'll be pleasantly surprised. We could use a pleasant surprise right about now. How about it, Associated Press? New York Times? Alphabet networks? Or is falsely portraying Christians as the ones who are hateful, bigoted violent hypocrites too important?

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