Alec Baldwin Twitter-Hates Leftist Protesters 'Clogging Rush Hour Traffic'

April 16th, 2015 1:37 PM

Alec Baldwin, famous liberal actor (and public-radio talk show host at WNYC-FM), started a Twitter battle with fellow liberals about traffic-blocking protests in mid-town Manhattan on behalf of the "Fight for $15" minimum-wage demands. Occupy somewhere else, he seemed to proclaim to more than a million followers at his foundation's Twitter account.

In a Baldwinesque turn, he called one critic a "class-ist nitwit." He concluded, "I must say that blocking kneejerk liberal ne'er-do-wells is every bit as gratifying as blocking right-wing ones."

The blog Gothamist captured the anti-Baldwin angle for the lefties who dearly love their publicity stunts: "In summation, indigent protesters must stop dissolving this great city's ethos by putting their needs for a living wage ahead of Alec Baldwin, whose life is hard enough. Please disperse to Brooklyn at once before he's forced to start tweeting again."

Perhaps when you live in a city that elected ultraliberal Bill de Blasio, there aren't that many centrists around that you have to worry about annoying with traffic problems.