Author Stephen King: ‘Under Circumstances Obama Has Done Terrific Job'

September 30th, 2014 10:50 AM

Stephen King should stick to giant spiders, haunted hotels and evil, sentient hot rods, because in the world of hard facts, King isn’t exactly shining.

King has a long history of making ridiculous, phony and inaccurate statements, particularly in the political realm where he has a habit of closely aligning with the liberal left and blaming the nation’s ills on conservatives and the Republican party.

In his most recent interview, which aired September 24 on HuffPost Live, the novelist pointed the finger once more at Republicans, blaming them for everything from the government shutdown in October 2013, to blocked government appointments and un-passed legislation. He claimed the “large blocks of Republicans” as the sole reason for doing so, was because they were “offended a Democrat could get elected at all.” He said Republicans' only response to President Obama, was to “Sit down in the middle of the road and go ‘wah, wah, wah,’ and if it means we have to shut down the government we’ll do it, and if we have to block all these appointments we’ll do it …” Gosh, it sounds like Stephen King has been writing for Barack Obama’s teleprompter … Or Brian Williams.

In fact, the media sold the shutdown as a GOP creation – ignoring the fact that “President Obama and Harry Reid forced the shutdown. They forced the shutdown because they wouldn’t compromise on ObamaCare.” 

For a guy that got rich dreaming up diabolical evil to scare readers, King shows little creativity in conjuring political bogeymen. He has continually bashed George W. Bush for his supposed love of weapons and his “Adventures in Iraq.” King said in his latest interview that because of all these “adventures,” the wars and boots on the ground in places like Iraq, that “Things are looking more and more like George Orwell’s “1984;” he calls it, “Tiring.” What’s tiring is the author’s pathetic habit of finger pointing or ridiculously over the top diatribes which lack both provocation and evidence to support such claims.  And those were just the most recent incidences.

In a 2010 Interview on “The View” Stephen King mocked Republican’s Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh calling them “cynical,” “nutcases” and, in Limbaugh’s case, “lacking in conviction.” There were no specific quotes or instances that would prompt those remarks other than them being vocal, well known Republicans.

In a 2005 talk to University of Maine graduates broadcast on C-SPAN, he advocated “giving away a dime of every dollar you make…if everybody did it, maybe we could make Mr. Bush let go of the weapons he loves so well and give back some of the money that he spends on them,” the weapons, “to the farmers, the unwed mothers and the working poor." (Is there any monster more repulsive and harder to kill than the preening champagne socialist?)

The list of unchecked, liberally biased nonsense the author has touted as fact goes on and on; from calling military service the “not bright” route for youth who can’t read or get a real job, to blaming Republicans for tax discrimination towards the wealthy and income inequality; accusing the GOP of ignoring and not caring about the lower class who live paycheck to paycheck.

Stephen King really needs to stick to his own genre. There he can sell whatever story he wants and people will buy it. He ought to leave politics and reality to those who care enough to look at the reality of it through non-biased glasses.