Politico's Sycophants Call Dems' 2012 Guv Race Efforts (Net One Slot Lost) 'Successful'

December 4th, 2012 7:47 PM

Entering the 2012 election cycle, Republican governors were in charge of 29 of the nation's 50 states. After the election, their number rose to 30. Though there were disappointments, my trusty spin-free calculator tells me that's a net pickup of one.

The sycophantic leftists at the Politico apparently see things differently, judging by the following email I received about Gov. Peter Shumlin early this evening:


Here are how the races actually turned out:


Yes, it is a fact that Dems won three out of the four "competitive" races if the benchmark is ten points or less. I would argue, though, that North Carolina, which Mitt Romney barely won, should have been competitive, except that previous Governor Bev Perdue was such a disaster that no one on the left could have any credibility trying to succeed her. And heck, the Democratic Convention was there.

In any event, I suppose the email would have been acceptable without the word "successful," but calling a cycle "successful" when you lost one seat -- and the only one held by a Democratic Governor anywhere in the Southeast -- hardly constitutes "success."

But if the brown-nosers at Politico are down with this kind of "success," all I can say is "let it continue."

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