Lefty 'Journalists' Plot Planned Parenthood Defense -- With Org Officials in Attendance

February 5th, 2011 10:12 AM

Lila Rose's LiveAction.org went into overdrive yesterday.

LiveAction videos released earlier this week (with both edited and unedited versions) exposed personnel at Planned Parenthood clinics in Perth Amboy, New Jersey and Richmond, Virginia as all too willing to help provide abortions, birth control, and other "reproductive health services" to underage hookers in a pimp's employ while getting around laws requiring notification of law enforcement and/or parents. On Friday, the self-described "youth led movement dedicated to building a culture of life and ending abortion, the greatest human rights injustice of our time" released three more videos showing visits to Old Dominion State clinics in Falls Church, Charlottesville, and Roanoke.

Left-wing "bloggers" have swung into frantic action. Not to see how widespread the abuse of underage girls might be at Planned Parenthood clinics nationwide. No-no-no. As Dana Loesch reported yesterday at BigGovernment.com, they are plotting how they can most effectively defend the rogue organization (links are in original):

JOURNOLIST 2.0: Soros Sites Hold Con Call To Map Strategy for Planned Parenthood Defense


It was reported that Alternet, Soros’ Media Matters, and other progressives staged a conference call this afternoon where they mapped strategy to defend Planned Parenthood from the choices Planned Parenthood staffers made on tape.


... Instead of focusing on the fact that there is an organization who turned a blind eye to child sex-trafficking, an organization that receives forced federal funding, the group of senior fellows ostensibly chose the route which affords zero defense of women, born or unborn, thereby saving them from compromising their female-hostile ideologies: attack Lila Rose. These outlets don’t see the insanity in feigning disgust that the racket was exposed, not that it occurred at all.


The majority of the call was spent discussing ways to discredit Rose because of her funding. They surmise that some group which donates to her pro-life magazine is a group donated to by a group given money by the Koch Brothers. So says people who just cashed a $1 million-dollar check from George Soros.

The opening of the Alternet post on the confab notes a couple of other interested parties who were in attendance:

On a conference call with bloggers convened by Media Matters for America with Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards and Vice President Stewart Schear, I got a little tip into where Lila Rose, who leads the right-wing sting group Live Action, gets some of her funding.

Well, isn't that cozy? The organization under fire gets to meet with people who somehow believe that they are still "journalists" to plan its defense. There would seem to be little reason to doubt that those involved will share their plans and information with others at establishment press outlets who also somehow believe that they are still "journalists." This is all being done to defend the reputation and funding of an organization shown over at least the past half-dozen several years as willing to flout the law and basic human decency to maximize the number of abortions it performs.

Paraphrasing a NewsBusters commenter's tagline: This isn't media bias. It's a working relationship.

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